The philosophy of high-end craftsmanship applied to home decor and furnishings.

Proposing a vast collection of handmade furniture and textiles for every part of the home, from the dining room to the bedroom, Ivano Redaelli brings discreet and seductive atmospheres to the home. By combining a cool elegance and a refined design culture, his style reinterprets the domestic space, his productions become life-long companions, not just creating a series of pleasurable and distinctive environments, but also warmth and joie de vivre to the activities that take place in every room. 

Valuable textiles that soften, envelope and caress, such as cashmere, linen, gingham, tweed, silk and satin, fine needlework and intricate stitching from the Redaelli atelier speak a timeless and universal language, both day and night.  A luxury that speaks to the essence of things, an elegance that becomes a lifestyle.

Ivano redaelli High quality yarns selection
Ivano Redaelli Swing amrchair
“The selection of the materials is for us at the base of every project. The starting point of all our collections is the selection of the high-quality threads and fabrics which are fundamental for the creation of products, whose excellence is the signature of our creations.”
Ivano redaelli High quality yarns selection
Ivano redaelli High quality yarns selection
Intricate yet eye-catching designs, elegant and fine materials, delicate processes, and patient and meticulous craftsmanship reach a perfect balance in bestowing a timeless yet original look to the furniture and fabrics that bring an elegant touch to everyday living. Ivano Redaelli’s search for materials is inseparable from the need for sustainability, in line with the philosophy of a brand which today has become synonymous with a style.
Ivano redaelli Pret-a-porter
“As regards the materials, leather, fur and nubuck leather are treated with environmentally friendly and biodegradable natural products, thereby maintaining a fusion between design and nature.”
Ivano redaelli Portland & portland separè
Ivano redaelli Pinkerton
Ivano redaelli Aston
Ivano redaelli Swing
Ivano redaelli You & Me canopy bed
Ivano redaelli You & Me canopy bed detail
The company has selected a series of natural materials derived from animal or organic fibres, such as cotton, linen, canvas and wool, so as to ensure the ethical and environmental sustainability of its products. It controls the entire production process from the cultivation of the fibres to the working of the yarn, so as to guarantee an optimal solution also in terms of waste reduction from techno fabrics. Since the founding of Redaelli Ricami in 1960, Ivano Redaelli has worked to bring to life an exclusive concept of interior design, as the fruit of ongoing research. His collections contribute to the spread of Made in Italy, as a by-word of excellence throughout the world, and offer a unique experience for lovers of discerning and refined taste, who delight in the intricate workmanship, the fine detail, the beautiful and precious artefacts.
Ivano Redaelli Atelier Via Durini 17, 20122, Milan

The brand’s meeting point and point of reference is the Ivano Redaelli Atelier, via Durini, 17. A monobrand with an exclusive location in the heart of the design district, a window not just onto the city of Milan, but providing an international breathing space, where the image, the atmosphere and the Interior & Lifestyle collections of the Redaelli brand are made available to a clientele in search of charm, quality and excellence.


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