Solid Landscape. Studio Pepe and Alimonti Milano esclusively for Interni

The Solid Landscape collection, distributed exclusively by Interni, comes from a project by Studio Pepe, a multidisciplinary design agency founded by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, with Alimonti Milano, a company that has been embodying the values of high-end artisanship for over a century now.

In nature nothing is disharmonious, everything is balanced in a primordial richness that beholds the mystery of beauty. In addition to expressing order, nature offers chaotic sceneries above all else. Perpetual fluctuation between order and chaos gives rise to beauty and nature itself.

The poetic vision and design rigour of Studiopepe, inspired by experimentation and cross-contaminations of different contemporary languages, has led both companies to engage in a dialogue that first began years ago with the Ritagli project, which focused on the recovery and reuse of fine marble leftovers.

Solid Landscape is based on a pairing that has always been a keynote of excellence in Italian design: marble and stone. Blocks used in the collection were specially selected in virtue of their colour qualities and the spectacular nature of their natural inclusions, here juxtaposed with sculpted Limestone blocks, of exquisite sculptural value. The resulting works are unique furnishing elements and objects that exude remarkable sculptural and texture properties. 

"We have always been fascinated by the beauty of stones and landscapes created by water. Slowly sculpted over thousands of years, in which stone is modelled as though it were a ductile and malleable material. This is what inspired the creation of Solid Landscape, to create pieces that allude to and celebrate this infinite work of nature."

Signature Edition

"In order to design the bases, made of sculpted limestone blocks, we actually made small ceramic statues, to study the fluidity of the material, modelled by the gesture of the hand. In this way the three dimensional approach is more immediate and organic.” 

At the Alimonti Milano Showroom on Corso Venezia, the work of Studiopepe explores the colour potential of whites and beiges, in three halls entirely redesigned to embrace an understated and enveloping style.

Apart from pieces from the collection, the installation also includes two projects for wall coverings, made using different cutting-edge techniques: a Limestone bas-relief and one made of different types of Travertine, loosely inspired by the murals of the artist and designer Costantino Nivola.


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