The table as the director of the living space

The connection between design worlds

The importance of the table goes beyond the sum of its aesthetic, its purpose and its materials: the table of the living area is a presence that completes the whole comfort experience. Mundane emotions are defined by stories, people and objects that rotate around its shapes. 

The table is able to connect and intertwine the elements that surround it. Sofas, entertainment devices, book shelves: fundamental pieces of the interior design are connected thanks to its presence. It’s not simply a complementary piece, but rather the true director of the whole scene, of its lights and shadows, of its contrasts and materials. The brand selection curated by Interni includes the best of design, such as B&B Italia e Maxalto, Poltrona Frau, Rimadesio, Vitra, Henge and Flexform: brands which create and mix elements with their surrounding spaces. 

Poltrona Frau Kyoto coffee table by Gianfranco Frattini

Poltrona Frau coffee and side tables: beauty beyond design

Measured, practical, graceful, essential. A Poltrona Frau table is an invaluable companion, lending support to your concept of a dwelling, transforming the intrinsic quality of an object as you delight in experiencing it over time. The extensive collection of small tables is designed to perform a multitude of functions with versatility in their precision, combining light lines and the personality of ultra-modern forms with the quintessence of precious materials and refined craftsmanship. Many models share a unique balance of proportions, which makes each stylish table aesthetically irresistible and capable of permeating the space merely with its presence, without ever being ostentatious.

Poltrona Frau Fiorile coffee table
Poltrona Frau Hudson and Ilary coffee tables
Poltrona Frau Ilary coffee table
Poltrona Frau Pierre coffee table
Poltrona Frau Ren coffee table
Poltrona Frau Bob coffee table

B&B Italia - Awa coffee table

The Awa coffee table range is refreshed. In addition to the white Cristalplant® version that is already in the collection, these eclectic additions are now available in hard polyurethane in 18 satin and glossy colours. A perfect complement to Harbor Laidback, in terms of shape, height and size, the Awa coffee tables integrate very naturally with the many different uses to which they will be put. From work to relaxation, they provide a useful shelf top while bringing a colourful energy boost to any room and style.

B&B Italia Awa coffee table
B&B Italia Awa coffee table

Maxalto - Lithos coffee table

Designed to store and display precious objects with great elegance, the Lithos low tables are ideal for both home and retail spaces. These pieces can be placed in the centre of the room to allow their contents to be viewed, extracted and repositioned with ease. They are available in two sizes and combine a transparent glass top with a metal frame painted in refined hues. 

The middle top and pull-out trays are in wood, available in a variety of finishes. The trays are coated in colonial or dark brown leather. Also available in the series are square, rectangular or circular coffee tables to be placed in the center of the room or next to the sofas with marble tops in different colours or in wood with slatted upper and lower top.

Maxalto Lithos coffee table
Maxalto Lithos coffee table

Henge - Big Bang coffee table

All Henge’s creations are destined to become protagonists, showing a strong personality and going beyond the fugacity of trends and fashion. The Big Bang coffee table designed by Massimo Castagna embodies this value. The structure is available in sandcasting brass, bronze or brass silver sinish with nestled top available in different stones.

Henge Big Bang coffee table detail
Henge Big Bang coffee table
Henge Big Bang coffee table

Rimadesio - Tray and Planet coffee tables

Available in two heights and six dimensions, the Tray coffee tables by Giuseppe Bavuso can be combined with different materials. Characterized by an essential design, they fit with extreme versatility the domestic requirements, from the living to the night area. Planet coffee tables by Giuseppe Bavuso are defined by a light but organic structure, which plays on the contrast between materials, the perfect geometries of the tops and the dynamism of the legs. Planet combines sophisticated elegance with compositional flexibility determined by different shapes, sizes and heights.

News 2022: the marble tops of the coffee tables are also available in matt finish for the calacatta, crystal grey, nero marquinia and crystal white versions. The new finish, obtained through a refined polishing process, exalts the natural texture of the marble without using any paint.

Rimadesio Tray coffee table
Rimadesio Tray coffee table
Rimadesio Planet coffee table
Rimadesio Planet coffee table

Flexform - Berry coffee table

The airy lightness of the metal base and its minimalist design lend contemporary appeal to the Berry family of dining tables and coffee/side tables. The see-through structure is composed of slender metal rods and is available with satin, chrome, black chrome, burnished and gunmetal grey finish. Many unique combinations can be achieved with the finishes available for the dining table. The Berry coffee and side tables come with top in solid cedar of Lebanon with natural finish, or in ceramic stoneware, a composite material with excellent resistance to wear, scratches and stains.

Flexform Berry coffee table
Flexform Berry coffee table

Vitra - Eames coffee table

In 1949, Charles and Ray Eames designed a coffee table as a unique furnishing for their own residence, the legendary Eames House in Pacific Palisades, near Los Angeles. Ever since, the table has contributed to the unique decor of this historic home interior. The rectangular table top, which gives a simultaneous impression of simplicity and luxury, was originally covered in gold leaf. Its dowel-leg base is a variation of the wooden base found on the Eames Plastic Chairs. In the following years, Charles and Ray Eames produced two more of these tables with different tops, one in marble and the other in wood.

Vitra Eames coffee table


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