MDW 2022


Via Filippo Turati, 6/8
06-11/06 h. 10.00-21.00
12/06 h. 10.00-18.00

Interni Radio Talk
07/06 h.19.00 Gordon Guillaumier
08/06 h.18.00 Cristina Pettenuzzo e Domenico Diego
09/06 h.18.00 Massimo Castagna
10/06 h.17.00 Jacopo Foggini

Interni continues to fuel its passion for design in the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile by presenting “Interni Radio”, a live digital event which reveals and tells the stories and projects of the world’s most renowned brands through conferences and interviews with world class designers. A dynamic and cultural project-event which will take place in the Interni Design Factoy in the heart of the Milan design district, specifically in Via Turati 6/8. Gatherings, thoughts and exchanges around a great passion that unites the crowds: Design. Interni will feed its audience and its network with a series of 4 special appointments and exclusive interviews. The Design Week will also be the perfect occasion to launch the brand-new magazine INTER-ALLY, a medium created to showcase not only news, but also the brand’s journey in the past months. A true and authentic paper-printed house organ created with the objective of reinforcing the brand’s identity by sharing projects along with a variety of activities carried out by the company, all of which is connected by a common language. 

Via Filippo Turati, 6/8
06-11/06 h. 10.00-21.00
12/06 h. 10.00-18.00

10/06 h.18.30-20.30 Cocktail with Jacopo Foggini, by invitation

SPAZIO EDRA is a neutral, dematerialized space that can be exported anywhere, in which both the quality of the products and the versatility of the collection are presented with precision and elegance.

Via Filippo Turati, 6/8
06-11/06 h. 10.00-21.00
12/06 h. 10.00-18.00

09/06 Cocktail by invitation

An unexpected corner of greenery in the midst of the metropolis. The RODA terrace is, for the second consecutive year, a haven of peace and tranquillity at Fuorisalone. Among the novelties is Mamba, the new collection of modular upholstered sofas designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, and Plein Air, the armchair with stunningly clean lines designed by Michael Anastassiades.

Via Filippo Turati, 6
06-11/06 h. 10.00-21.00
12/06 h. 10.00-18.00

07-11/06 h.19.00-21.00 Aperitivo Gourmet with Chef Greta Gemmi by invitation

The flagship store hosts the presentation of the re-edition of Franco Albini and the new collections designed by Massimo Castagna and Paola Navone, with displays of an exclusive furniture collection: Loro Piana Interiors ‘The Delight Chairs’ by Exteta.

Via Durini, 7
06-12/06 h. 10.00-20.30

09/06 h.19.00-22.00 Opening by invitation

The Milano Design Week 2022 sees the opening of ATELIER ALCHYMIA, on the first floor of an exclusive historical building at number 7 of Via Durini. The prestigious location of the brand's Milanese headquarter, chosen by its owners, the Doro family, perfectly mirrors ALCHYMIA's new identity. After its worldwide growth, ALCHYMIA can now easily find its place in the Via Durini district, next to the key players' flagship stores. This year ALCHYMIA is showing at both the Atelier and the Salone del Mobile at Rho fair. Both locations will host the brand's iconic tailor-made luxury pieces in top-quality materials, accompanied by the new modular upholstered furniture and a collection for luxury living - a set of designs aimed at confidently entering the retail field due to its competitive price point. ALCHYMIA will continue its international expansion in 2022 thanks to its retail partners in the US.

Via Durini, 7
07-11/06 h. 10.00-21.00
12/06 h. 10.00-18.00

09/06 h.18.00-22.00 Cocktail

KITCHEN PHILOSOPHY. On the occasion of MDW 2022, Arclinea celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the revolutionary Convivium concept and inaugurates a new exhibition space, again in via Durini 7, Milan. A fascinating renovation highlighs the historic architecture that will house the novelties of the Collection designed by Antonio Citterio. With coherence and elegance, the coordinated image for both spaces reconfirms the centrality of the kitchen as a place to live and share.

Via Solferino (Galleria San Marco)
07-11/06 h. 10.00-21.00
12/06 h. 10.00-18.00

09/06 h.18.00-20.00 Showcooking with Simone Finetti by invitation

Space and time are presented as useful variables to measure the impact of our actions on the planet and to implement a real change in terms of environmental protection. In this context, design becomes a tool capable of supporting the transition to greater sustainability, designing a tomorrow in which natural resources are conserved and integrated into an environment on a human scale. With a concrete thought to the future Arredo3 thus follows the path already started in the last edition of the Fuori Salone with Kitchen Re-Creation, leading the public to a real Green Evolution. The desire to minimize the environmental impact of its production and its furnishing solutions has led to the birth of Gaia, the first ecosustainable range, which includes eco-friendly and recycled materials in some models of Arredo3 kitchens. Gaia, like the goddess of ancient Greece, personification of the Earth and mother of living beings, introduces a new way of living the kitchen, imbued with the environmental awareness that each of us is called to have.

Via Durini, 23
07-12/06 h. 10.00-21.00

In its flagship store at Via Durini 23, Ceccotti Collezioni presents its new products for 2022. The expanded collection includes designer pieces by Gabetti&Isola, Raineri and Gianfranco Frattini. There are also new products by DRAW Studio, Roberto Lazzeroni and Giuseppe Casarosa and range extensions.

Corso Monforte, 50
06-12/06 h. 10.00-22.00

08/06 h.19.00 Talk with Luciano Galimberti and Sebastian Herkner + Cocktail by invitation

Discover the brand new EMU Monomarca. The producer of outdoor furnishings Made in Italy and Interni Design Experience present an exhibition of design icons and premium furnishings. Talk with Luciano Galimberti, President of ADI, and Sebastian Herkner on the new Twins collection.

Via Pontaccio, 10
06-12/06 h. 10.00-20.00

07/06 h.18.00-21.30 Cocktail by invitation

Living Bathroom + Small Living Kitchens™. Together with the latest bathroom developments, the firm will be previewing its Small Living KitchensTM for the first time ever. It is a novel concept, an exclusive brand patent which revolutionises the kitchen experience in small high prestige housing - small, convivial, prestigious, starting from just 2.5 square metres.

Via della Spiga, 34
07-12/06 h. 10.00-19.00

Henge New Showroom Opening  The Italian luxury design furniture brand opens a new showroom in the epicenter of the Milan fashion district.

Via Durini, 17
07-12/06 h. 10.00-19.00

"Simplicity in Elegance". Ivano Redaelli proudly presents the new collection: an exclusive style and moods accompany the special trendy colours, with sensational materials, forms and fabrics. We look forward to welcoming you in a luxury experience of elegance at Ivano Redaelli Atelier, Via Durini 17 Milano

Via Melchiorre Gioia, 6/8
07-09/06 h. 10.00-18.00
10-11/06 h. 10.00-19.00
12/06, 10.00-16.00

Night system and collection. In the Porta Nuova Novamobili Flagship store, wardrobes and beds become the protagonists of a contemporary system for the nighttime zone: novel materials meet soft lines and elegant geometric lines. Design, functional quality and personalization of spaces, for a new dimension of relaxation.

Via Durini, 11
06-12/06 h. 10.00-21.00

Opened in collaboration with Interni Spa, the new boutique is at the very heart of the design street of the city. Echoing the unique elegance of Versace residences, the new store is located in a classic Milanese palazzo. Spanning across 500 square meters, the visually impactful space features Versace’s latest furniture designs. Structured like a real home, the store features an entrance hall, dining room, long corridors and a master suite comprising a bedroom and sitting room.

Thanks to

Corso Venezia, 53
06-12/06 h. 10.00-20.00

Solid landscape. Studiopepe X Alimonti Milano: With the aim to give voice to the ancient combination between stone and sculpture, Solid Landscape was born, a polyphonic and highly evocative project in the setting of the renovated Alimonti Milano showroom in Corso Venezia. Three dedicated rooms have been redesigned in a minimal and immersive perspective, exploring the chromatic potential of whites and beiges and welcoming a story made up of objects and furnishing elements. An extensive selection of natural stones allows the encounter between exceptional types of logs with unique intrusions and the softness of limestone obtained from blocks. The result is a collection of unique pieces, shaped by water and wind, as well as by cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, as highest expression of craftsmanship. The backdrop will be made of two wall installations with tactile bas-reliefs in Limestone and Travertine freely inspired by the mural works of the artist Costantino Nivola.

Via Filippo Turati, 6/8
06-11/06 h. 10.00-21.00
12/06 h. 10.00-18.00

Faemina, exclusive design brings the art of espresso coffee into the home. When exclusive design meets a new art, that of high-quality coffee, Faemina is born, the new Faema-branded machine that brings the espresso coffee ritual of the bar into the home environment or to places other than the bar, such as boutiques, concept stores and bistros. Designed by ItalDesign – which has always been synonymous with Made in Italy – Faemina is a true design object with an elegant style and minimal, geometric form. it is also renowned for its high performance and exceptional user friendliness thanks to the various ergonomic solutions specifically designed to make it easier to use, while guaranteeing high quality in the cup.

Via Manzoni, 47/P.zza Cavour
07-12/06 h. 10.00-21.00

TRUE TO NATURE. The Show is back.  Signature Kitchen Suite pays tribute to Nature and genuine flavors, with an event at the showroom in the Brera Design District. Through an immersive and tasting journey, the brand sets out to raise awareness of the necessity to create a solid bond with nature, as a key element in our lives, even in the city. Getting back to nature means fully appreciating the world around us, to become active protagonists of the creation of a feasible present and a positive future. In the outdoor area, an illustration on a large scale by Carlo Stanga introduces the guests to the experience.


A printed house organ chronicling all of the Group's news and activities over the recent months.


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