Villa Isola: an architectural jewel on Saadiyat Island


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Architecture & Interiors

Etereo Design

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island, Villa Isola is an architectural masterpiece realized by the renowned Dubai studio Etereo Design, together with Interni. A mansion representing the essence of innovation within the concept of luxury.

Villa Isola defies traditional conventions through a minimalistic approach, showing how elegance lies in the attention to details and thoughtful composition.

The large windows, as well as maximizing the natural light, also emphasize the spaciousness of the interiors, creating a connection with the exteriors. While Etereo Design brilliantly brought Villa Isola’s architectural vision to life, the collaboration with Interni played a crucial role in the selection and supply of furniture.

“We wanted to create a living experience that incarnated tranquility and elegance. Every detail, every material choice, was guided by the passion for design and the will to offer the best living experience possible.”

The selection includes such materials as grey marble from Oman that, with its touch, perfectly combines with striped wood and bronze finishes. This attention to detail led to the creation of a space where textures and colors blend in perfect harmony. Verde Albi marble used for specific details -i.e. the kitchen and the island, as well as the majestic columns- further underlines the utmost attention to the most exclusive quality.

As far as design is concerned, the key weren’t just aesthetics, but also sustainability. The low emissivity glasses and the optimization of the walls’ insulations allowed a significant reduction of the ecological impact. 

The choice of locally sourced materials limited transportation emissions. Finally, the selection of energy-efficient appliances underlines the commitment and global vision towards a more sustainable luxury.


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