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Price list 8.555 €

Almora is a revolving chair named after the Indian region that offers a breath-taking view of the Himalayas and, quoting its designers, it longs to be “a haven from the world, a place for contemplation and reading from where one can admire magnificent snow-capped peaks. As protective as a second skin, enveloping like a soft blanket”. Dedicated to relaxation, it is composed of two conical glass fibre shells: that of the seat resting directly on the base and that of the backrest. The headrest, in curved wood in different finishes, has a padded portion and fits into the back shell, appearing at the same time slightly detached. Almora is an armchair that stands out for the balanced composition of the different elements, the materials and the leather upholstery. The coordinated footrest completes the proposal.

106 X 84 X H.85 CM

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