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design by Franco Albini
Price list 33.549 €

A library that defies the laws of statics and boldly goes beyond the conventions of balance. A real manifesto of Cassina's design and construction skills, which after a long period of study and reworking, and thanks to the intervention of the most advanced technologies, re-edited the model created in 1940 by Franco Albini as the only example for his home. Milanese. Respect for the authentic soul of the project, with its strong experimental charge and its surprisingly linear design, preserves the poetics of subtraction at the base of the structure, creating atmospheric intervals of air and light that seem to make books and objects float in space. . Cassina thus returns to the culture of design one of its most iconic pieces, elevated to the status of a work of art that lives on in the contemporary while preserving its original magic.

cod. 838 01

uprights and base in natural-stained ash, shelves in tempered and laminated glass, metal parts in brass

L.205.5xP.55.5xH.266 cm

L.205.5xP.55.5xH.266 cm

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