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design by Michael Anastassiades
Price list 1.770 €

Arrangements is a modular system of geometric elements designed by Michael Anastassiades in 2018 for Flos that can be arranged in different ways creating one-of-a-kind compositions. Each unit connects to the previous one in a perfect balance as part of a light chain. Arrangements is inspired by the parallelism between light objects and gems, starting from the idea that both are related to the human sphere.

Composition: N.1 Drop Up element (49,5xh.69,7cm) + N.1 Round Small element (diam.39,8cm)

Code: F0414030 +  F0406030

Led included

Matt black
N.1 Drop Up element (49,5xh.69,7cm) + N.1 Round Small element (diam.39,8cm)

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