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Twiggy Grid

design by Marc Sadler
Price list 2.300 €

Twiggy Grid is an outdoor lamp designed by Marc Sadler in 2017 for Foscarini. Twiggy Grid illuminates outdoor environments with great style. The lampshade has a woven surface that allows air to pass through to increase stability. Defined by a bold design, innovation and ingenuity, Twiggy lamp fascinates due to aesthetics and functionality. Twiggy has a long flexible and resistant stand resembling a fishing rod that allows adjusting the lighting (length between the base and the lampshade: 170cm). The large lampshade (diam. 46Cm) can replace a suspension lamp. The extremely slender rod needs very little space and offers a discreet visual impact. The height of the lampshade can be adjusted by placing counterweights above it (4 counterweights provided). Equipped with highly efficient LEDs, Twiggy Grid has been specially designed from a technological point of view to ensure the same intensity, the same diffusion and the same light temperature as the original version. The lighting is of the highest quality: the wide matte diffuser allows an optimal use of the LED sources which project downward light. 

Dimension: lampshade diam.46xh.29cm - h. diffuser without counterweight 280cm - h.  diffuser with four counterweight 190cm, lenght from base to height  h. without counterweight 170cm - h. with counterweight 200cm - transparent cable 330cm - Base diam.60cm

Code: 290003-25

Lacquered glass fiber, PMMA, varnished metal and aluminium, Greige colour
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