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Senzafine Canvas

design by R&D Poliform
Price list 4.792 €

Senzafine designed by Poliform R&D is the ideal wardrobe for those who want a highly customizable piece of furniture in a wide range of finishes and composition possibilities. The wardrobe can be equipped with many internal accessories. 

Composition: - N.2 Modules 94,1cm with Rail handles (Canvas hinged doors) finish phoenix ardesia

                             - N.1 Module 45,8cm with Rail handle (Canvas hinged door) finish phoenix ardesia

                             - N.1 chest of 4 drawers 94,1cm (Track handle)

                             - N.3 pipe racks 94,1cm

                             - N.3 internal shelves 45,8cm

                             - N.3 shoe shelves 45,8 cm

Finiture: Doors, Sides Profiles, Structures, backs in finish Canvas Beige
                 frames, racks and pliths in finish varnished Ardesia
                 Sleves in melamine ardesia
                 Handle model Rail h.255,8cm in lead 90 in phoenix ardesia
                 Drawers structure in ccanvas beige
                 Chest of drawers handle model Track

Comprehensive of lights

Melamine canvas beige + phoenix ardesia
L.244 D.61 H.259

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