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design by Piero Lissoni
Price list 3.749 €

Designed by Piero Lissoni for Porro as Passe-partout between the sleeping area and the living room, Boutique Mast is the new system with nautical lightness and graphic linearity signed by Porro, which allows maximum freedom of expression for floor-ceiling or wall compositions. Inspired by the masts of a boat, Boutique Mast stands out for its circular-section metal uprights on which it is possible to apply large cantilever wing-like shelves: a new concept of walk-in closet or container for the living area which can create fully customizable aerial compositions of great visual impact. It is possible to freely insert open containers or equipped modules compositions between the vertical sequence of metal elements available in Iron or burnished brass, and the horizontal sequence of the protruding wooden elements; these compositions are carefully finished with a 45° cut, choosing its finishes between the 16 types of wood and the 24 colors of the Porro collection of samples, also mixable within the same module. 

Shelves and open element in W31 black Helmlock, Strunt in R16 brunished brass

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