Spazio Cappellini Milan

Store details
Via Borgogna 8, 20122, Milan
+39 02 76003889
Opening hours

Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 - 19:00

closing days for the holidays

December 7th-8th 2023

From december 23rd 2023 to january 2nd 2024 included

January 6th 2024

Cappellini inaugurates, together with Interni, the new showroom in Via Borgogna 8, Milan. Spazio Cappellini is configured as a hymn to freedom promoting a cultural exchange starting from design: iconic and contemporary pieces dialogue with artifacts from all over the world. An area is dedicated to open-air living.

The new Spazio Cappellini is conceived as an immersive path, this container is configured as an ideal synthesis of a brand in continuous dialogue between past and future and becomes a stage where the visitor lives an experience of which they are the main character together with projects and objects.


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