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Colombo Stile

Hand Made – Made in Italy

Colombo Stile was founded in 1973. The founders are a father, a son and two grandchildren. It is a family business even if, since the beginning, it has an industrial structure. It is a leader in the field of furniture and, in the seventies and eighties, he gets excellent results that gave it a remarkable reputation. In 1989, however, undergoes to a serious crisis also linked to the problems of generational change. To cope with this crisis, the old owners are turning to Siparr and 1992 Siparr acquired by merger the Colombo Stile and it takes its name. The nineties are a time of relaunch the company, in the field of special furniture and designs of the highest quality with a strong attention to detail. Today, the company offers three creative collections, between innovation and tradition: Classic, Contemporary and Eclectic Collections.

Colombo Stile - Dettaglio 1

Colombo Stile - Dettaglio 3

Colombo Stile - Dettaglio 2

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