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The Company was founded in Meda, in the Brianza region near Milan in 1886, when woodwork and furniture was a reality throughout Europe and even in the United States. Colombostile underwent radical change in 1973 when it went from being a family business to a landmark crafts for Made in Italy. In 1991, S.I.P.ARR, a dynamic chair and furniture manufacturer, took over Colombostile but kept the old name.
Jewel in the crown of top-class Italian furniture, the Company is known all over the world and supplies great historical institutions such as embassies, luxury hotels, and even the Kremlin Palace. Nowadays Colombostile is one of the most iconic symbols of luxury Italian goods and exports mainly to Europe, the Middle East, the Ukraine, Russia, India, China, and the US, where the quality of the materials used are well praised and appreciated by all.

Custom made

Colombostile products are all the result of a long, careful research and the fruits they bear are refinement using only the best materials, taking the utmost care over even the tiniest detail.
Work made by the most highly-skilled master craftsmen transforms every single piece of furniture a real piece of art. “Custom-made” is in the Company DNA. “Specially made,” “Specially designed,” and “Made to measure” are merely different ways of saying the same thing: individuality, uniqueness, and exclusivity of Italian goods, so deeply rooted in our ideas and culture.
Colombostile is at the forefront of Italian excellence. Our history is one of a long and prestigious manufacture of rooms and items, no limits placed on materials or techniques, and open to the most audacious experiments and the most sophisticated requests by a clientele looking for the best and the exclusive.


Even today, Colombostile has that same top expertise that craftsmen had during the Renaissance. Now we can bring together the most sophisticated techniques and updated skills with modern manufacturing technology. Our profound knowledge of each and every material means that the finest woods are also joined to steel, perspex, Venetian stucco, glass, lost-wax bronze, precious stones and gold leaf finish.
Colombostile believe in a future and top-class craftsmanship. Nowadays, the sensitivity of a customer who is open to the imagination, to the suggestions given by unprejudiced furniture designed and made by using the craftsmanship of the old days, have rewarded the philosophy and choices made by the Company.