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For over 60 years, right in the heart of Brianza, operate the companies Francis Nesa and Ibos Cantù, a group that puts quality as a mission and strategy of the production. It is no coincidence that a group so committed to the continuous research for total quality is born, grew and evolved its own in Cantù, the vital and pulsing center of excellence for furniture production.

The furniture, like any product of human activity, may have varying degrees of quality. Ibos Nesa uses carefully selected wood in cutting and seasoning. With traditional craftsmanship ever flowing vigorously through its veins, still the company considers its furniture such as gloves that should fit perfectly the walls to be decorated.

Ibos Nesa - Dettaglio 3

Ibos Nesa - Dettaglio 1

Ibos Nesa - Dettaglio 2

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