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Fifty years of quality kitchens

There are few trademarks so deeply rooted in the collective imagination of our country. Rossana is among them. Fifty years as a top player in the production of high-end contemporary kitchens make Rossana a reference brand for design, technology and quality, for the entire sector of design.

The strength of Rossana is that the company never limited itself to only give answers to the market, but to provide research, creativity and development.

The Rossana kitchens are created to last. Kitchens unrelated to fashion and designed with meticulous attention to technical and constructive details. Culturally for a few, but economically honest and therefore reachable for many. Kitchens intended for a clientele evolved, able to appreciate the flexibility of systems designed to allow a customization with a cut almost sartorial.

Systems where the transversal components allows the customer to fit both large and small environments. A product more haute couture than Prét-à-Porter, designed specifically for each person, rather than standardized for all.

The unquestionable quality, the inexhaustible evolution of the product, the constancy in the pursuit of these aims give today to Rossana an absolute force: credibility, determining factor especially in uncertain times for the international market.

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