Paola Lenti_Milano design week 2019

SCENA. From the latin scaena, greek σκηνή: courtain, backdrop of the stage. A part of the theater dedicated to action, which is delimited by structures that form the specific scenery of each act.


A sequence of architectures in the form of theatre drapes, aimed to narrate intuitions, innovations and products of yesterday and today, in a continual dialogue between colour, matter and form. This is the proposal of the Paola Lenti company for the 2019 edition of the Milano Design Week in the industrial spaces of Fabbrica Orobia 15, 9-14 April next.
The creative sparkle of the company permeates throughout the entire proposal – from the furniture products, to the ceramic, metal and fabric installations, to the decorations of the architecture. It reveals to the spectators how all the elements interpreting this scenery contribute to the creation of a coherent and balanced wholeness.
Essential forms and inedited colour hues become narrations proposing different plots in each room and visualizing the company personal idea of contemporary living. A concept where different elements naturally coexist in surprising projects always based on the mindful use of resources and materials with respect for the environment.
The unique, unmistakable language and the established aesthetic identity of Paola Lenti have been expressed in the indoor and outdoor living spaces since 1994. A rhythm set by iconic pieces that coexist today with original and exclusive novelties aimed to achieve a perfect synthesis of functionality and sustainability.


Creative interplays and interweaves, originating over the years from the collaboration of the company with designers, artists, and other important industrial realities that share the same passion for experimentation, allow Paola Lenti to present today modern comprehensive projects, where furniture, floorings, wall coverings, movable partitions and architectural structures coexist.
Thus, the tangible result of this research activity is a complete, innovative collection, designed according to a new overall personal concept of living spaces.
It is the inception of a distinctive and unmistakable style, able to evolve, yet retaining its force and coherence, where all the objects dialogue with each other in a mindful play of balance, which is the synthesis of the unique perception of space, form and colour which has always been the hallmark of the company.



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