Luxury kitchens go outdoors

New ways of living outdoors

Luxury and quality are invading outdoor settings. Such is the case of this beautiful outdoor project in which attention to detail and skill in designing innovative and technologically advanced solutions steal the show.



Artusi Outdoor
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Everything in this prestigious Milanese terrace has been studied down to the smallest detail: the wooden flooring expands to take part in the skilful interplay of volumes created by the designer. Volumes that transform into steps: steps that can act as seats, places for placing objects or, if necessary, left empty to accommodate planters that integrate perfectly into the surrounding context.
One of these emptied spaces was designed to house the elegant Arclinea Artusi model kitchen in its outdoor version.
With this model, Arclinea aimed to respond pragmatically to the need to design kitchen spaces conceived for outdoor environments. The first touch of genius was to make use of materials whose technical features are highly resistant to humidity and possess a good degree of thermal insulation. This kitchen is in fact made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel, internally insulated and equipped with a magnetic seal, to protect the interiors from leakage and insects.
As for the equipment, the customer opted for inserting a Fulgor Barbeque element, consisting of 4 gas burners topped with a lid (also in stainless steel) and a Miele induction hob. Then there is a pull-out base located beneath the single-basin sink and a thermal container which allows food and beverage temperatures to be maintained.

Photo credit: Oddproduzioni