Best-sellers that bridge innovation and aesthetics

Internationally acclaimed for the style and quality of its products on the market, Rimadesio is now one of the leading companies in the design sector. This is due to its ability to create trendsetting proposals through technologically innovative processes applied in all production sectors, with a special smile for environmental sustainability. This has allowed the Rimadesio brand to enjoy enormous success the world over, and be appreciated for the great quality of the materials it uses.

The high level of corporate innovation made it necessary to establish the Rimadesio Academy, a programme of courses dedicated to the technical and commercial training of Rimadesio professionals so they might acquire the technical know-how necessary for working in such a company. The success achieved in the design world is also due to these inspired ideas which are not insignificant and aim to train employees in order to ensure products with indisputable quality and precision.

Rimadesio today boasts a number of single-brand showrooms located all over the globe, thus exporting Made in Italy values worldwide. Owing to this dense network of stores and retailers covering all latitudes, Rimadesio is universally esteemed for its products, also due to the incredible work done by RR+D (Rimadesio Research and Development) supported by the artistic direction of designer Giuseppe Bavuso.

Below follows a small selection of the company’s best-selling products which, since entering into production, have been enormously successful for their aesthetic beauty and great functionality.

Eos: the essence of Giuseppe Bavuso

Eos is a wall shelving system designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Rimadesio which introduces innovative concepts with minimal thicknesses: just millimetres of retro-lacquered glass are all that is needed to create an ultra-thin top supported by a lacquered aluminium frame. Eos’s essential and clean lines make it an extremely contemporary element, the product of cutting-edge manufacturing processes and philosophies. In fact, the wall fastening bracket system without visible screws conceals the LED lighting system.

The customization possibilities with which you can create various combinations between the retro-lacquered glass of the top and the lacquered aluminium structure cannot be underestimated. The Eos shelving system also allows you to create beautiful wall compositions featuring a great sense of lightness and aesthetic cleanliness. Eos is available in 13 lengths but can naturally be custom-reduced to suit any type of space.

Zenit: lightness and modularity that become best-sellers

Here, too, Giuseppe Bavuso’s stylistic fingerprint is clearly visible and with Zenit, Rimadesio has created a bookcase that fuses strong aesthetics with great functionality. The Zenit mantra is freedom which is easily perceived by the possibility of adjusting the floor to ceiling uprights height-wise, creating totally customised compositions. This also allows the equipment to be arranged freely according to customer needs. Zenit is much more than a simple bookcase designed solely for display. It is also a system designed for storage owing to the showcases and drawer units which can be added to the bookcase modules. As with all Rimadesio products, Zenit features maximum customisation freedom where shelves with various types of woods and infinite glass colours can be combined with the world of matt and glossy Ecolorsystem lacquers for the aluminium structures. These extraordinary customising features have made Zenit one of Rimadesio’s best-sellers over the years.

Manta: the customised best-seller by Giuseppe Bavuso

A tribute to technological innovation and design with a technical flair typical of Rimadesio furnishings, the Manta table designed by Giuseppe Bavuso is an object abounding with refined finishes able to amaze for the wide variety of customization options. Manta is a collection of modular tables that fit perfectly in countless situations fusing aesthetics with a strong study in design. What astounds about Manta is its spectacular die-cast aluminium structure with an organic shape allowing this collection of tables to accommodate tops with exceptional dimensions. As previously mentioned, the customization possibilities for Manta are almost unlimited: the top can be made with different types of marble and wood and you can choose between different glass colours combined with a variety of exclusive metal finishes for the structure. Its iconic shape has made Manta one of Rimadesio’s best-sellers as well as one of the most highly appreciated design tables overall.

Rimadesio has always proposed collections able to create spaces with a total-look where all the furnishings have the same finishes and combinations despite being products of a different nature. This company’s production expertise in crafting glass and metal allows it to develop innovative and aesthetically satisfying solutions perfect for both domestic and commercial settings, always embodying the quintessence of excellence. And it is precisely for this excellence that the Interni Design Experience group has chosen to display Rimadesio products in its Showrooms for years now. In fact, you will find a stunning array of Rimadesio items in our Milan, Bergamo and Verano Brianza stores, where professionals in the field will guide you through the Brianza brand’s wonderful world of furnishings, providing all the information you need to make the right choices in keeping with your needs.