Excellent Company 2018 Award

Excellent Company 2018 Award

Global Strategy – SME Observatory

Global Strategy has carried out a research on Italian SMEs, to identify, on the basis of the analysis of the last five years financial statements, the companies that are examples of excellence in their own sector of reference. The 700 Excellent SMEs were identified from a database with more than 60.000 companies with growth rates, profitability and soundness higher than the average of their sector.

Interni, an Excellent Company

We proudly inform you that as a result of this research INTERNI (the only company in its sector) has been awarded among the 100 identified excellent companies. The award ceremony took place at the headquarters of the Italian stock exchange at Palazzo Mezzanotte during a conference with the participation of about 200-250 among entrepreneurs and members of the Business Community and subsequently was popularized in newspapers such as Sole 24 Ore and Milano Finanza. Dr. Luisa Cazzaniga, administrator and senior partner of Interni Spa received the award. 

10°edition – SME Observatory

The sector study that placed us among the protagonists of the Italian excellences is characterized by a rigorous methodological approach based on a series of economic, patrimonial and financial parameters, which are the added value of research. After passing the “quantitative” phase, we also overcame the “qualitative” analysis directed towards widening the knowledge together with entrepreneurs, drivers and the reasons for their success.

Discover the reasons for our success

To better understand the motivations that have led SME Observatory to give us this prestigious award, we invite you to discover what lies behind this exceptional service, taking a look at all the services we offer to our customers, paying particular attention to Exclusive design service. One of our strong points is in fact the ability to accompany you throughout your journey, from the design of the spaces, to the creation of design moods; from the assembly of any type of furniture (whether standard or customized) to the reliability of our after-sales service.