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Arclinea – modello Gamma

Gamma by Arclinea is the totally modern kitchen concept that is now part of the Arclinea Collection, expanding the range and providing simple, flexible, clear answers to the most up-to-date, diverse design needs. It teams the primary values of Arclinea – quality, functionality, customisation and socialising – with a huge selection of finishes, almost unlimited potential combinations and a wide range of prices.

img-00Gamma in the version with white Satin laminate door and structured stainless steel worktop is shown with the spacious refined Vina&Dispensa, pantry and refrigerating wine unit.
big_406626_6733_Arclinea-Book-GAMMA-satin-laminate-p16-171Gamma has a linear design that follows the wall, featuring door in white Satin laminate and structured stainless steel worktop, comprising a 6 cm structure plus 0.6 cm top.
big_406626_6412_Arclinea-Book-GAMMA-satin-laminate-p21LThe working area has wall units with protruding door and Aventos opening and LED lighting running along the entire section between wall and base units.



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