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Atelier – Rossana event

An unusual collection of exquisite materials that redefines kitchen design. Industrial design and skilled craftsmanship merge to create unique, unconventional tailor-made compositions, with great stylistic and emotional appeal.

Invito web Atelier Milano 11 Feb

A Rossana kitchen is always custom-built, constructed for a specific home and a specific user, with his or her functional and stylistic needs in mind. From the outset, a Rossana product is conceived and developed around the requirements of customisation and compositional design, and the need to dialogue with and fit into the structure and utility systems of so many homes, every one of them different. It must adapt to highly individual demands in terms of technology and appearance, with an exceptional degree of flexibility, an approach which makes every Rossana kitchen a unique product, manufactured for a single, specific customer.

And it is to make every Rossana kitchen truly exclusive that the company has now launched Atelier: the vast collection of materials and finishes normally used for the standard range is extended with infinite potential for customisation, going well beyond the already wide choice available in the standard output. Rossana Atelier offers kitchen interior designers a selection of truly special materials for finishing its kitchens, with a particular focus on doors and worktops, and exclusive, “tailor-made” production: kitchens built by craftsmen with the immense quality, the reliability, the technical applications and the level of industrialisation that only the vast experience of a great company can give.

The materials selected by Rossana Atelier are used above all for finishing doors and worktops: as well as the large number of standard finishes available for application on all the products in the range, new materials can now be chosen, in combination with specific treatments or processes applicable to all output. From natural materials such as oil-finished heat-treated wood, or the vast assortment of types of stone and marble treated with special finishes such as the leather, brushed or micro-sanded finishes, to high-performance materials suitable for kitchens subjected to technical, intensive use, such as corian or high pressure laminates. New performances and new looks to customise your exclusive Rossana kitchen exactly the way you want it.



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