From an infinite passion for what is beautiful and really painstaking, a company comes that sets itself the objective of conveying emotions within each one of its creations. Baxter has built its personal identity upon seeking and preserving craft excellence bound to the territorial tradition, rediscovering and revaluing masteries almost forgotten and weaving them together skillfully with a continuous research.

There is just one main star of this tale, leather. Entrusted from the very outset to master tanners, keepers of ancient traditions, it is skilfully worked mainly in its original thickness and tint with natural anilines, in complete respect of its intrinsic properties.


With this in mind, every single products (sofa, armchair, bed..) is a direct and tangible expression of Baxter philosophy. They leave intact and and unalterated the strong natural component of the leather, which offers a characteristic design in every single piece, together with great breathability, guaranteeing the maximum comfort to the products for which it is used.

Another added value of Baxter furniture is the possibility of customization: in fact, different details and features can be customized, such as the colour and the type of leather, by the profiles, colour of the thread used for stitching or the fifnish of the metal feet and frames, an aspect that guarantees great space for creativity, making infinite combinations available to create a personal style in which to recognize yourself fully.

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