A new way to conceive colour

A new way to conceive colour

At a time of ongoing social and economic change, where everything runs at the speed of light and changes even before it is consolidated, Poltrona Frau wants to propose a new way of looking at and thinking about things, especially colour, designed specifically to be a landmark and to propose new and trendy solutions. This is ColorSphere, a method resulting from an in-depth study where colour is no longer seen as a static and autonomous aspect but rather as part of a system created by others that, when used together, create a family capable of conveying totally new sensations and ambiences. In ColorSphere colour is seen more directly, viewed by following emotions and perceptions, leaving aside all canonical scientific criteria. In fact, we will find grouped together colours that are similar to each other, the ones that are easier to match when paired together. As a result, we’ ll have a colour chart capable of conveying at a glance the various approaches which every colour sphere represents and wants to convey. ColorSphere was created also and above all to be a useful tool for architects and designers as well as to create a harmonious link between the furnishings and the various rooms of the house.

Unprecedented combinations, new and eclectic ambiances

In symbiosis with today’s interconnected and fluid world, ColorSphere is the result of  the continuous mixing of different hemispheres and the increasingly eclectic way of experiencing spaces and emotions. We find unexpected, unusual and at the same time incredibly harmonious combinations. This new approach has changed and integrated the historical colour cataloguing system known as Colour System. There are 47 new shades, in this new colour concept, in addition to the 26 historic ones. These colours and combinations are the result of travels, emotions and experiences that together make up the new Poltrona Frau colour proposal that is able to convey unique emotions and sensations.

Ambiances filled with memories and emotions

In ColorSphere colours are arranged together as spheres, to instantly convey the mood and style, once they have been chosen to upholster the furniture. We find, so to speak, seven different families, each one perfectly able to communicate with one another despite their different personalities.

Let’s start with “Into The Black”, those colours that are part of a direct journey into the darkness where warm and cold greys (lighter and darker) are found, which immediately recall the technical and functionalist world of architecture; these are those colours which do not lose their elegance despite being perfect to match with all the others.

Let’s then move on to « Milky Way » which, as the name suggests, is a group of colours made up of warm and cold whites, all of them with a strong material and precious connotation, in some cases they recall the marble world and, in others, they recall childhood thanks to cream and milky shades.

Along the way we find « Foundation« , here are all those soft and delicate colours recalling the world of make-up. Colours often regarded as anonymous and that here take on connotations of extreme grace and finesse capable of giving the setting a unique sense of calm and sophistication. Face powder, hazelnut, grey and beige make up this very versatile microsphere of colours full of useful shades.

« Tierras« , on the other hand, is a larger family of colours made up of different categories: Tannery, Blonde Woods and Ever Browns; here you can find browns with a strong reference to leather and the typical English gentlemen clubs of the late 19th century. Colours that create sophisticated and bourgeois ambiances with the ability to convey a perception of the luxury of precious woods and fine finishes.

Moving along we come across « Red Memories« , a world of vivid and exciting reds improving as time goes by. In these colours we can find part of the Poltrona Frau brand history which, thanks to the use of red leather, has made one of its most famous armchairs an icon: the Vanity Fair armchair. This blend of reds is part of the world of wines and terracotta which, thanks to the intensity of their colours, are able to amaze and excite.

Then we have  » Winter Garden » which differs from all the others for its magical and mysterious charm that only greens and blues are able to convey. This family of colours is divided into dark and light green ranges named Pier and Tender is the Night with elegant and natural shades of green, and into the blue and light blue range called Out of the Blue, where we can find from the most mysterious and accessible blues to those most light and calm .

And finally, we have the  » Back in Town« , here is where you can find the most eclectic and sophisticated colours matched according to an extreme taste and experience in the world of colours. We find daring but incredibly balanced combinations that only many travels around the world can offer. This category of colours is in fact divided into 3 categories named after 3 different areas of three very distant places both geographically and culturally: Gion, Fabourg e Ipanema.

Gion, Tokyo’s famous district, encloses colours of bright yellows and deep purples typical of the night-time ambiance of this district. Fabourg, on the other hand, catapults us into the luxurious centre of Paris and consequently to colours recalling leather goods and haute couture. And last but not least, Ipanema, a trendy district of Rio de Janeiro, featuring the typical colours of exotic locations, where we find colours ranging from browns to oranges.

This is the ColorSphere world, a journey that contains a thousand journeys, able to convey emotions that someone else has experienced for us and others that we have experienced and are already part of us. Poltrona Frau once again proves to be a company with its feet firmly grounded in tradition but with its head and actions always projected towards future visions capable of distinguishing itself in a world where it is extremely difficult to be different.