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The energy of those who manage to realize their ideas, is released naturally by Albino Celato that in 2003 founded De Castelli, a brand destined now to be assertive, strong century-old experience inherited from the family of blacksmiths well-rooted in the territory of the foothills of Treviso and teachers in the iron.
De Castelli was quickly identified as a company which introduced the design, declining it with the use of the iron with part of the house and terrace, combining its beloved traditional craftsmanship with the most advanced technologies.
The basis of the work is always a manual intervention, valuable and accurate, which characterizes the details and quality. Thanks to the company’s mission, the originality of the projects and the skill of the craftsmen employed, the production of De Castelli knows how to combine design, art and craft, whether it be of iron, or cor-ten steel to stainless steel.
All production De Castelli is distinguished by its high production quality, which is expressed through the meticulous attention to detail and manual execution of all the finishing and decoration.

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