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Henge, whose name literally means prehistoric architectural structure, is one of the most tangible Italian names of excellence that has been successful in the difficult goal of conquering the international design scene. 100% Made in Italy, Henge works with the most exquisite and refined materials on the market, combining premium quality with the superb craftsmanship and industrial expertise typical of Italian design. Attention to detail flanked by an absolutely recognizable style have allowed Henge to establish itself as one of the most acclaimed companies also owing to the indispensable work carried out by architect Massimo Castagna, company art director.

One of the special qualities of Henge, whose production ranges from lamps and tables to sofas and furnishing accessories, is the incredible uniqueness residing in each of its products. Its artisanal nature is based on the creation of exclusive furnishings that are far removed from the rigid schemes of industrial production which opts for speed of execution and standardization. Also because of this aspect, Henge collections enjoy an exceptionally high level of customising, even creating, in some cases, ad hoc products for specific customers.

Natural materials are essential to Henge’s vision because it is from these that the forms comprising the objects come into being, conveying unique and primordial emotions. Fine woods, unusual and precious stones, burnished brass and natural leather are the products most used by the Venetian company which, due to its enviable know-how, is the torchbearer of an extreme authenticity unparalleled in the world.

Ghost Lamp Table: a jewel doubling as a lamp. Best-seller by Massimo Castagna

Exclusive materials and eclectic aesthetics for this lamp designed by Massimo Castagna for Henge. The union of two seemingly opposite and distant materials such as metal and resin in Ghost Lamp come together to create a collection of ethereal lamps. Ghost Lamp is not the only lamp in the Ghost family; in fact, a pendant version called Ghost Light is also available, always keeping its allure intact. Ghost Lamp can be made with transparent or grey resin, as well as the various options for the type of metal for the part comprising the lamp closure. Once switched on, a very pleasant warm light is diffused throughout the area and caresses the surrounding darkness captivating those who gaze upon it.

Side L: the monumental cabinet that has become a best-seller

Side L is a vertical cabinet equipped with two wooden doors and a solid burnished brass base available in various finishes. Designed by Massimo Castagna, Side L gives its all once opened; in fact, inside we find an exclusive back panel made of Eucalyptus wood or covered with leather. A storage grid made of brass completes Side L’s interior, adding, if at all possible, even more value and sophistication. This unique cabinet was created to decorate solemn and elegant dining rooms that make refinement and pageantry their distinguishing features. The delightful interplay of wooden panels of which the two doors are composed, gives movement and importance to the entire cabinet and must not be underestimated.

Primitive Table: materiality and elegance for a best-selling coffee table

As the name suggests, Primitive Table is a collection of very evocative coffee tables that recall days gone by, due to the use of shapes and materials specifically chosen to convey these sensations. The extraordinary texture of the white Ostuni stone top offers a unique tactile and visual experience and is supported by a slender and light base available either in burnished titanium or platinum which enhances its characteristics. The organic shape of the tops, available in four different sizes, makes this Henge coffee table the perfect fit in a variety of contexts always maintaining the perpetual style that distinguishes each product.

Henge products are representative of the uniqueness and quality typical of Made in Italy design. It is precisely for this reason that we at Interni Design Experience have been choosing to feature this brand’s extraordinary furnishing elements in our showrooms for several years now. You will find a fabulous selection of Henge items in Milan, in particular in the Henge Atelier in Via della Spiga where professionals in the sector will guide you through the marvellous world of the Veneto region’s brand of furnishings and finishes, providing all the information necessary for making the right choice in keeping with your needs.