INTERNI - HENGE New collection 2018

INTERNI – HENGE New collection 2018

The prestigious boutique of Interni located in via Durini 17 hosts Henge’s new selection. Here the brand presents Lailand sofa in a composition of various materials, soft nubuck stone seats and suede 36 arm and backrests.Platinum and Ostuni’s textured stone Primitive coffee tables are accompanied by leather Exagon Armchairs, platinum and silver sandcasted Starlight T and the Vanity Desk dressing table with drawer. On the side, the Bistrot S bookshelf with burnished brass finish and the Twistable consolle, featuring titanium top and bronze base placed behind the sofa and accompanied by two fabric and leather poufs.The bedroom area showcases the new Noctis bed in suede 36 and embellished by a black burnished brass circular headboard. Behind the bed, the Twistable consolle with platinum top and bronze base, poufs covered with new fabrics and suspended versions of the Oops Lights.

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