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Interni experience meeting: the future arises from history‘’

The first Interni Experience meeting was held on Monday November 18th, 2019. It was a corporate meeting attended by around 150 people. This event was important because it allowed us to retrace the history of our company, focusing on the milestones that have made it possible for us to reach this point, creating the foundations for what will be our future programmes.

The meeting was intensely desired by the ownership to involve its collaborators in the projects that it envisions for the company’s future. The Interni team is indeed cohesive, composed of people with undeniable working skills and a strong passion for work and design, in addition to a sense of pride and belonging. Interni understands the value of its human resources, and knows that working for the company is not for everyone: it takes skill, great commitment, dedication and passion, all characteristics that have allowed it to reach the level that today distinguishes it and to become the leading company in Italy in its field.

It is precisely based on this belief that Interni wanted to send a strong message to its employees during this evening event, showing them that they have been, are, and will continue to be, the company engine. A special award was in fact given to two employees who have collaborated with the company for more than 40 years.


For the first corporate meeting, a special and undoubtedly pertinent setting for the design world was chosen. It was decided to hold the evening in the splendid location of the Milan Triennale. A place distinguished by a strong international calling, a place of dialogue in the midst of creativity and technology, tradition and innovation, design and planning and which, like Interni, boasts a history of more than 80 years. It seems incredible but both were founded in 1933. The exquisite mosaic “Le Arti” by Gino Severini was also created in 1933, which represented the perfect background for the conference held in the Great Hall of the Art Building.

The title of the event

The title of the meeting was “The future arises from History” because it fit the meeting perfectly, a meeting that marked an important date for the company. During the evening, in fact, we spoke of future programs, and it was necessary to start from the past to do so properly, because the future begins with and arises from history, and Interni is long on history.

The projects and goals for the next 5 years of the new Design Experience Holding were illustrated during the evening, along with the splendid opportunities that will be created for the company and consequently for its team.

Projects for the future

Leader in the upscale furnishings industry in Italy, Interni has added a series of exclusive services to the sale of furnishing items over the years, which have made it the ideal partner with which to collaborate both for Italian as well as foreigner customers (whether individuals, companies or architects). Interni has linked its name to some of the most important architects on the national and international scene, who know they can rely on the company for any type of work.

This has allowed the company to create increasingly more important, complex and sophisticated projects in every part of the world. All of this today represents a new starting point, which over the years will allow Interni to become a leader in its own field and also on an international level.

Important goals have been set and to accomplish them we need new synergies, first and foremost in order to meet the difficult challenges head on that the international market will pose. One of the most important objectives is for Interni to become a brand that is recognized worldwide and, to date, it can be said that what only a few years ago could only have been considered a dream, today has instead become a splendid and stimulating reality. There will be new openings both in Italy and abroad in the near future. The first openings were made official during the evening: the first showroom that will be launched is a Giorgetti brand-name flagship store in March 2020, opened in partnership with this prestigious company and which will be located in London. The new Ceccotti Collezioni showroom will also open in March, moving from its current location in Via Pisoni to a spacious and renovated showroom in the new design district of Via Durini in Milan.

Have a look to the Video

Photo gallery

As we leave you to enjoy the evening’s photo gallery, we hope that the enthusiasm and determination that is within each of us can be felt by looking at the photographs.



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