Intervista INTERNI per SHOPPING international magazine

Intervista INTERNI per SHOPPING international magazine

On June 11, architect Stefano Cazzaniga, AD of INTERNI SPA Group, released an interview to prestigious magazine Shopping.

Here below we report the content of the interview.

For over 85 years, INTERNI has been the reference for design and furnishings not only in Italy but in the whole world. Dream houses, offices, contract division projects proposed by the best design brands.

The group, which now has nine multibrand and monobrand showrooms, is thinking about new openings, in order to promptly and professionally respond to the increasingly strong local and international requests.

The next step of this “growth” will certainly be the expansion of the main store in via Turati in Milan, where two floors dedicated exclusively to the design services will allow to welcome customers for a longer period of time, providing the most accurate customer service.

Interni Group is not only a well-organized company capable of offering the best design services and strong innovation, but also and above all a team of great professionals capable of designing and realizing contemporary or classic furnished spaces.

A tailor-made service that follows the evolution of the project throughout its development up to the final result is the distinctive feature of the company.

We have talked to Stefano Cazzaniga, AD of the Group, about aims and initiatives of INTERNI in this particular moment.

Following the difficult health situation that we are facing and the consequent behavior of the people (much more time spent home, smart working, increased use of communications and online connections, etc …), have designer customers changed tastes and needs and how?

Surely this unique and unimaginable emergency has changed people’s way of life. Greater attention and importance is given to domestic spaces, which have to be more functional and comfortable. We go out less and prefer to invite friends home, recovering the old habits of conviviality. Last, we often work from home, thanks to the help of technology and we want to do it in comfortable and dedicated spaces.

Which changes will design have to face in order to meet the “new” customer needs?

As far as we are concerned, we mainly dedicate ourselves to high-level residences, where by the term “high” we mean great quality. In our showrooms we offer the best brands of Italian design.

Moreover, our core business starts with the planning of each environment, therefore, we study projects and solutions that may be functional and in harmony with the tastes of the clients, always taking their demands in good consideration. Basically, we grant a “tailor made service” that accompanies the clients through all the phases of the creation of the environments, interpreting and realizing their wishes.

To complete the service and thanks to the historical relationship and trust that we have with the companies we represent, we are also able to meet customer needs that are not included in the standard collections.

During these past few months we lost International tourism (closed hotels, postponed fairs, etc …). How did you or are you still planning to make up for this shortage?

I believe we won’t get back travelling soon and anyway I think in the future we will travel much less.Therefore, we are hardly working to realize a whole “Digital Project”, featured with all the necessary tools to guarantee its effectiveness (videos, presentations, but also planning, not only furniture ones). We have been thinking about this project since long time, but now, due to this emergency, it has become an essential priority. Basically, we are ready to work in this new physical and virtual reality as well. 

Following the health emergency, there’s been a strong acceleration of digital shopping. Can “traditional” shops coexist with this new type of trade?

I think so, but it’s certainly not our case. E-commerce in the design world relates to emotional products: a chair, a vase, a lamp etc.Managing a whole project as we do, is something much more difficult and complex. It takes phases, explanations, sharing, interactions and especially skills, which are essential to understand, to image and to create.

At the moment, which are the design brands that you consider more interesting and that are better responding to the current needs?

We represent all the best design Companies. Each one of them has its own specific feature, but all of them are determined to meet the customer’s new needs/habits and to always respond in a fully appropriate way to his expectations.

Sustainability is a very important factor to keep in mind also in the design sector (nature, environment, etc …). Will we have to take even more care of this aspect?

This is an absolutely crucial aspect.We live our homes more and more, we want to surround ourselves with things that last over time. There is much more attention to quality and materials. New skills and precious professionalisms are quickly emerging.About this aspect, I like to point out the example of one of our companies which makes innovative products in VEGAN NABUK, a recyclable fabric that recalls skin, as well as another historical brand of ours, that produces rugs by using recycled fibers, made from plastic bottles. 

Will Made in Italy design continue to have its appeal in the foreign market?

Yes, for sure!Made in Italy will continue to conquer the appreciation and admiration of all international markets.We must be proud of that. By all Italian design is, and will certainly remain, one of the most recognized and acknowledged excellence. “The well done Beauty”.

Which part of your job you consider the most exciting?

Selling beautiful things and enhancing excellence. And, if possible, continue to carry out projects that receive approval and satisfaction by our customers.A very complex, but absolutely fascinating activity. 

What do you imagine for the future of design?

I am absolutely confident.We have traditions and skills that allow us to look to the future with serenity. We will be “the first” again starting right from design, which is the highest expression of Made in Italy creativity and excellence.