INTERNI one of the 500 SMEs champions of Made in Italy

INTERNI one of the 500 SMEs champions of Made in Italy

Unique design retail company

It is an honor to announce you that we are one of the «500 Champions»: INTERNI SPA is one of the best SMEs in Italy according to a study by L’Economia del Corriere della Sera in collaboration with Study Center of ItalyPost. A research that has selected the best 500 Italian SMEs which have distinguished themselves in the last six years for different parameters including constant growth, seriousness and solidity (rating A).The presentation event was held on Friday, March 16th at the Milan Stock Exchange, organized on the first anniversary of Il Corriere della Sera and with a study day on the future of Italian entrepreneurship.

500 selected Italian SMEs that have won the crisis

The open dialog comparison highlighted the challenge of Italian SMEs, which must increasingly focus on the human factor, digital transformation, brand and marketing. On the same day the research was published in the special issue of L’Economia attached to Corriere della Sera, dedicated to the presentation of the 500 selected Italian SMEs that have won the crisis and compete in global markets.

First in the TOP multi-brand design turnover

The history of INTERNI starts in 1933 in the heart of Brianza; today after a great path full of passion for total quality and aesthetics INTERNI SPA, furniture and design, the only retail design company to enter the ranking of the Top 500 “Champions Performer” in Italy. A result also recognized by a previous Pambianco research that placed us on the first place in Italy among the multibrand design shops. Selection between a sample of over 14.000 companies characterized by growth rate (CAGR), financial strength (NFP) and rating, INTERNI i one of the “Champions”, top-class “top performer” companies that represent Italian excellence all over the world.

A point of reference for the entire sector.

The idea of proposing exquisite pieces of furniture to a selected clientele, the authentic artisan expertise, the experience in high-level interior design and the search for selected partners among the major names in Italian and international design launched the INTERNI brand and know-how all over the world, thus becoming a point of reference for the entire sector.