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Kartell by Laufen “Producing culture has no scale”

On October 12th, during the event Brera Design Days, Kartell by Laufen celebrated the importance of craftsmanship in the industrial process with a special installation and conversation inside the flagship store on Via Pontaccio in Milan.
It was an important moment of reflection and debate about the theme “Slowness and Craftsmanship”.
For the occasion, Kartell by Laufen invited Marco Sammicheli, curator, journalist and editor of the magazine Abitare, and Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, the designers of the collection, for a conversation with the title “Producing culture has no scale”.

Production process

The guests had a first-hand experience of the entire production process of the Kartell by Laufen collection born from the merger of Kartell‘s iconic plastics and the Laufen’s Swiss ceramic quality.
What has put together these two realities is the same will to make the culture of design be the distinctive element of the collection, concentrating research, innovation and passion, shaped by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba’s fertile design.

An impeccable final result

From the raw materials to the finished product, by way of the countless phases involving eyes, hands and tools to lead to an impeccable final result. The event will narrate the still fundamental role of craftsmanship and handiwork in a context of mechanised and technologically advanced production like that of Laufen, focusing on how a true culture of design and product is still conserved, in spite of standardisation.
Finally, the latest frontier in the world of 3D printed ceramics represents one of the themes covered in the conversation, with its possible application in the phases of product development and the implementation of bespoke projects.

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