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Kitchen worktops: A materials guidebook 2019 – Interni S.P.A.

A worktop is that essential element in every kitchen with which we come into contact every day. Precisely for this reason special attention must be paid to it. With the new materials and production techniques now available, there are countless options to make the kitchen environment perform better and more aesthetically pleasing

Aesthetics and functionality unite: kitchen worktops

Aesthetics and functionality in the kitchen haven’t always gone hand in hand. The arrival of new technologies applied to the processing of materials, has meant that these two aspects are coming closer and closer together, offering today’s customer the possibility of making an aesthetic choice without sacrificing the top level performances only a state-of-the-art material can guarantee. The eternal debate between opting for a precious material with a strong aesthetic impact (but with high level maintenance), compared to a worktop made of a less valuable but more resistant material, seems to have now reached the end of the line.

Assess the durability of materials to choose the right kitchen worktop

Durability is undoubtedly one of the aspects we expect of a kitchen worktop. In fact, worktops must be strongly resistant as they are constantly subjected to various types of stress: high temperatures, rubbing and scratching, aggressive degreasing agents and much more. Making the right choice at this stage is essential to avoid problems in the future. Investing in a top performing high quality material is the best choice.

The trending colours for Kitchen Worktops in 2019

As per the 2019 colour trends for Kitchen Worktops, it can certainly be said that there has been a strong return to natural colours, from whites to browns and blacks.

The trending colour for Okite includes Marquinia Black, which evokes precisely the stone of the same name, and Calacatta Gold, to simulate marble with golden nuances.

The trend-setting colours for kitchens with Fenix ​​worktops are Black, Grey and Brown. These colours give the kitchen a dark and minimalist look and fit into any type of setting.

The trendy colours for kitchens with worktops in HPL stratified laminate are Dark Brown and Alabaster. These two colours have an absolutely elegant and stylish appearance and are able to give the kitchen a refined look.

For Dekton worktops, the trend-setting colours that stand out in 2019 are white with golden veins that simulate marble and give the kitchen a sober yet elegant look, and dark grey with light veins that simulate volcanic rock creating a strong contrast in minimalist settings with delicate colours.

Our suggestions for choosing a Kitchen Worktop

To be up to date and have a kitchen with a high-performance, elegant and long-lasting worktop, the Interni team recommends choosing a Dekton or steel worktop. These two materials have all the features that make them two of the best on today’s market. Dekton, a next generation element, is resin-free guaranteeing high resistance to impact and scratches, making it extremely easy to clean and resistant to chemical agents. Steel, one of the top performing materials on the market, stands out for the technical and professional character it gives to a kitchen. At first glance a kitchen with this kind of worktop might appear cold but if placed in the right context it can make a qualitative leap.

Undoubtedly there is a wide variety to choose from and deciphering the various technical and aesthetic details of the different materials is certainly not easy. The best choice is surely a worktop made of material that is low maintenance yet high yield in terms of resistance to any form of wear. Obviously, higher performing materials cost more, but investing in a quality Worktop is surely worth it because as the years pass, you will have a worktop that is still in excellent condition, despite being used constantly.



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