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Modern Kitchens: Luxury and Contemporaneity for a Dream Design

What is meant by modern kitchen? What are the characteristics that allow us to define it as such? The Interni team is well aware of this and will give you some ideas about modern kitchens below. It is a proposal of trendy solutions, which are both functional and able to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and informed clientele.

Some ideas about the modern kitchens by Interni

When we talk about modern kitchens we refer not only to the aesthetic impact that distinguishes them, but also to the type of materials used and the type of application made of them, which must take into account the increasingly new “smart” lifestyles. These are the three key points to be taken into consideration when proposing furnishing ideas for modern kitchens.

The rooms tend to open up, the boundaries between one room and another become blurred, and the kitchens, in parallel with this trend, tend to propose solutions that draw on the language of living: technical or aesthetically unpleasant elements are hidden, only to be revealed when necessary. The handles disappear to make room for elegant cyma mouldings integrated into the structure, built-in handles or even completely replaced by push-pull openings for an absolutely minimal language.

We also abandon the idea of the classic visible or integrated hood in the wall unit and make room for the new and technologically advanced top hoods: concealed in the worktops or completely integrated in the induction hobs.

Last but not least, the use of so-called “snacks” in the design of a modern kitchen: The table is not forgotten, but certainly must make room for these worktops that allow quick preparations, and equally fast breakfasts and aperitifs with friends.

Modern Luxury Kitchens

Modern luxury kitchens can be defined as kitchens made of high performance materials, able to guarantee an image with a strong aesthetic impact and with relevant characteristics of resistance and longevity.

As with the standard kitchens, these can also be developed according to linear compositions or with kitchen island. The modern linear luxury kitchens are like kitchens with a strong visual cleanliness, sometimes suspended and sometimes on the ground, which make the environment sober but also elegant. This concept of kitchen is very appreciated and allows to exploit in all its entirety walls of important lengths without taking up additional space inside the room. On the other hand, this type of kitchen is almost exclusively designed for the practical act of cooking without giving too much importance to everything that revolves around the kitchen environment. Modern kitchens with luxury islands, on the other hand, are kitchens that, thanks to their composition, open up to people, allowing them to show the different activities taking place. The island allows people to move freely, becoming the centre of communication, preparation and convivial activities. This is the trend that is increasingly emerging, that of living the kitchen totally, spending time with relatives and friends.

Below we propose a selection of images relating to modern luxury kitchens, so that they can inspire you in your projects, or simply make you dream.

Modern Dream Kitchens

Modern dream kitchens tend to be large kitchens that are the absolute protagonists inside the house, allowing you to spend pleasant moments in company. Large worktops around which to cook, fine materials, large storage and functional spaces to accommodate any type of food or tools. These are the kitchens that you can see in the catalogues: sumptuous and monumental, kitchens that hardly go unnoticed; in fact, this is the intent of those who buy them: to leave anyone who observes them open-mouthed.

In addition to the scenic image behind them, there is certainly a high level of quality, from the materials to the use of the latest generation of household appliances capable of performing even the most elaborate techniques of preparation.

Arclinea kitchens: the modern line

Arclinea is undoubtedly one of the high-quality companies that produces kitchens with a modern flavour. Synonymous with quality and elegance, Arclinea is a Made in Italy brand that stands out on the national and international scene for its ability to meet customer’s needs thanks to technological innovations, the use of high quality materials and performance and elegant style. Arclinea was founded as a carpenter’s workshop in 1925 and has evolved over the years to become a real kitchen company known throughout the world. Designers of the calibre of Carlo Bartoli, Roberto Pamio and Antonio Citterio have designed various kitchen models, thus giving the company’s brand even greater prestige both from a commercial and design quality point of view. Among the many kitchen models offered by Arclinea, which we can find in the catalogue of modern kitchens, certainly emerge: Italia, Convivium and Gamma.

The Italia kitchen has all the characteristics of a professional kitchen in a domestic key. Ideal for those who want to enjoy the performance of a restaurant kitchen in their own house. This is certainly an ideal kitchen for lovers of food and cooking, since it offers large worktops, separate and differentiated washing areas, extended hobs and ultra-performing materials such as Stainless Steel PVD, Fenix NTM and NTF Chestnut Wood.

The Convivium kitchen, as its name suggests, has been designed specifically to “live” and “share” the kitchen. Thanks to its elements, this kitchen allows people to gather around it and to live the act of cooking as a common action for the benefit of all participants in the meal. A special characteristic of this model is definitely the Island-Table, an island with an integrated big table that, thanks to an Up-down system, can easily vary its height and become a comfortable dining table.

The Gamma kitchen is the model addressed to a new market segment, that is, the one represented by customers who are looking for an accessible luxury. Gamma is a kitchen with countless finishes and matching possibilities. Among the modular kitchens by Arclinea is the most flexible and highly customizable. One of its strengths is certainly the possibility of price variation as this changes according to the finish and composition chosen. The Gamma kitchen has a level of customisation that makes it suitable for outdoor use with a range of finishes suitable for it.

Below are some photos of modern kitchens by Arclinea together with the Arclinea catalogue of Kitchens.

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