New Ceccotti products for 2020: contemporary luxury

New Ceccotti products for 2020: contemporary luxury

Founded in 1956 in Tuscany as Ceccotti Aviero, Ceccotti Collezioni is today one of the most highly considered and established companies on the international design scene. Starting out as a manufacturer of home furniture, over the years it has evolved and now specializes in supplying furniture for hotel facilities. In fact, there have been a number of collaborations with some of the world’s most well-known hotel chains, catapulting an essentially artisanal firm onto the great international stage.

This outstanding handcrafting tradition is deeply rooted in the know-how handed down by a famous art school which, at the time, trained specialized designers and carpenters. However, it was not until 1988, when the concept of contemporary design began to take shape, that the Ceccotti Collezioni brand came into being. Owing to the foresight of Franco Ceccotti and designer Roberto Lazzeroni, the company was able to transfer the great craftmanship that has always distinguished it, to a more modern production with a contemporary feel. Thus, the first true collection came about which launched an exploration of new forms and materials linked to more modern production methods.

Influenced by the eclectic trends of 1950s Scandinavian design and the Art Nouveau style of Gaudì’s works, Ceccotti Collezioni began to produce objects with sinuous and eye-catching shapes distinguished by bold details combined with one of a kind organic lines. This allowed the company to be enormously successful all over and be recognized as one of the top design companies in the world. Design complexity, a pronounced artisanal verve, originality and unique style make Ceccotti Collezioni exemplary of how a company has been able to evolve over time adapting to the needs of people without ever losing sight of its distinctive features.

Ceccotti Collezioni is a company that produces signature furnishings, closely bound to luxury craftsmanship, which convey undeniably special values and emotions. No aesthetic frivolity, no affected industrial forms but simply objects able to tell a story and convey the values that have evolved over time and have never been forgotten. This unique company has managed, and still manages, to rise above the fierce competition by offering products that transcend all that which is commonplace and ordinary.

The 2020 Collection, Roberto Lazzeroni’s contemporareity

For Ceccotti Collections, 2020 is a year for great new products in pursuit of absolute contemporaneity. Owing to the superb work done in close collaboration with Pisan designer Roberto Lazzeroni, Ceccotti once again brings to the market a proposal far away from time and trends where tapered and elegant lines are expertly interpreted in rich materials such as wood, stones and fabrics. Nothing has been left to chance in the “The 2020 Collection” and this can be easily perceived in all the new products that have been proposed.

The new collection is universal and introduces elements in Ceccotti Collezioni which belong to the living area as well as the sleeping area. More specifically, we find a sofa, an armchair, a bed and various complementary furnishing elements such as ottomans, bedside tables and sideboards. The Ceccotti style is present in every technical and aesthetic detail, allowing us to perceive, despite the contemporary approach, how its craftsmanship is still strongly present and important.

Icosofà and armchair Ico, the sinuous lines of Ceccotti Collezioni’s typical contemporaneity

As with the entire “The 2020 Collection” by Ceccotti Collezioni, the Icosofà was conceived and designed by Roberto Lazzeroni. The unprecedented curved and captivating shape characterizing the entire sofa is what makes it one of a kind. The solid walnut structure goes perfectly with the brass legs while the seat and backrest cushions are slightly detached from one another creating a narrow gap that visually streamlines its appearance.

The Ico Armchair is also part of the same collection and embraces the same lines and appeal that distinguish the Icosofà. Here, too, the backrest and the seat are separated setting off the incredible construction of the wooden structure. Modernity meeting tradition is what most emerges from this collection of unprecedented seats making Ceccotti’s proposal even broader and more refined.

The latest from Ceccotti 2020: Full TV, the perfect cabinet for the living area and office

Entirely made of solid American walnut and veneered poplar plywood, Full TV is a cabinet designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, perfect for both the living area as well as the office, where technical and aesthetic details exalt an object which is a true work of art created by Ceccotti Italian craftsmanship. The doors, drawer fronts and side panels can be made entirely of Ebony, leather or fabric or, in the deluxe version, made entirely with solid American walnut slats. The top is also highly customizable, in fact, with three different finishes from which to choose: marble, glass or wood. Depending on the finish, Full TV transforms and adapts itself to the context in which it is to be placed lending the elegance and sophistication that only Ceccotti Collezioni furnishings can convey. The drawer interiors can also be customized with various accessories, further completing the Full TV unit and satisfying the most varied needs.

Tomorrow Morning, the absolute protagonist of “The 2020 Collection” by Ceccotti Collezioni

The showstopper of the new products for 2020 is the Tomorrow Morning bed conceived by Roberto Lazzeroni. The huge upholstered headboard with solid American walnut structure immediately catches the eye and amazes with the beauty of its composition. The lines the bed creates are simple and clean allowing the details to speak for themselves and to be appreciated even more. What makes this bed truly complete and elegant are the finishes, with the possibility of creating interesting contrasts between the Ceccotti collection’s wood and lavish upholstery. The American walnut of the structure is in fact available in different colours, from light to dark, in combination with a wide variety of fabrics and leathers. To optimize its beauty, Tomorrow Morning is a bed that demands to be placed in a large airy setting, in particular due to its remarkable size. The back of the bed is finished which allows it to be placed even in the middle of the room becoming the absolute protagonist.

Petit Matin, the versatile low table serving the sleeping area and the living room

As with the entire “2020 Collection”, the Petiti Matin low table was designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Ceccotti Collezioni. Petit Matin displays that unique sophistication obtained from the successful encounter between craftsmanship and modern production techniques that every item in the Ceccotti production features. Its lines curve and the double-tier surfaces make it a convenient element to place beside a sofa and armchair or use as a bedside table. Its structure is entirely made of solid American walnut while the upper level is made of marble and the lower one, coloured glass.

Dorotea, versatility is the watchword for the new 2020 Ceccotti desk

Conceived as an indispensable and extremely versatile element, Dorotea is a functional writing desk which, according to need, can become an exquisite dressing table perfect for the bedroom. Designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Ceccotti Collezioni, Dorotea conceals, beneath the middle of the desktop, a flip-top panel complete with mirror perfect for make-up and a divided valet tray for emptying pockets. The entire structure is, again, entirely made of American walnut while the internal divider is made of maple and lined with leather. Its aesthetics speak the same language as all Ceccotti Collezioni products, allowing it to be combined with chairs, furniture and beds giving a pleasant continuity to any setting.

Jun, the seat in the Ceccotti 2020 new products perfect for every occasion

The Jun stool is yet another and the final new item in the “The 2020 Collection”. Arising once more from the mind of Roberto Lazzeroni, this refined seat was designed to complete the Dorotea dressing table; the two complementary elements in fact share the same lines and elegance becoming almost one and the same. Jun is composed of a solid structure in American walnut and a soft padded seat upholstered in fabric or leather. Jun is of small dimensions but surprises for its details and top-quality construction.

Ceccotti and Interni Design Experience

This year of fantastic new items has allowed a company such as Ceccotti to continue to offer the highest standards with products of exceptional quality. The Interni Design Experience group perceived this great potential several years ago, setting out on a close collaboration with the Tuscan company, opening a stunning single-brand Ceccotti Collezioni store in Milan in Via Durini 23. Here you may admire the entire Ceccotti collection, including the “The 2020 Collection”, or rather, all the new developments from Ceccotti for 2020, and discover the wonderful world of materials and finishes that this company has to offer. A Ceccotti landmark in the most famous street of the international design capital.