Rimadesio innovations in 2020: in the name of technology and sustainability

Rimadesio innovations in 2020: in the name of technology and sustainability

Owing to the quality and beauty of its products, Rimadesio, the Brianza-area company known all over the world, is today a landmark for different situations in the world of design. This is true both in terms of technological innovation as well as for customization options, elements that allow exclusive products to be custom-made to customer needs; it is a very important aspect, as people’s needs and habits are changing and will continue to evolve in the years to come.

Rimadesio was one of the first companies in Italy to believe in environmental sustainability and use recyclable materials, consequently steering its entire production in the direction of this cause. The company continues to advance this commitment today, establishing it as a philosophy that emerges especially in the latest Rimadesio 2020 developments; glass and aluminium are undoubtedly the most used materials which play a prominent role in almost all the items in the collection.

The enormous attention paid to the environment and the possibility of custom-made products, introduced in every production area since 2000, are also and most importantly guaranteed by the exceptionally high technology used in each production process.

The Giuseppe Bavuso signature on the outstanding new Rimadesio products in 2020

The undisputed mastermind behind Rimadesio’s 2020 innovations is Giuseppe Bavuso, an internationally renowned and established designer, who this year introduced three types of products which fully combine today’s needs with style.

Maximum customization, the possibilities of bespoke items and great elegance are all features of these products that further expand the already vast range a company such as Rimadesio has to offer.

Velaria, the new version of the sliding door

Of all the innovations introduced this year by Rimadesio, one that will certainly not go unnoticed is the new version of Velaria, the sliding door panel.

Giuseppe Bavuso sought to make a system of doors that was already complete and exclusive in its own right even more attractive and customizable. He inserted an aluminium mesh inside the glass door panel which creates a more refined and stylish environment allowing two settings to be separated with elegance and to decorate the walls of rooms with a unique style. The possibility of customization is even further increased by being able to choose a grey metallic finish which matches the door structure. As Rimadesio has already accustomed us in the past, Velaria is needless to say entirely made-to-measure, meeting the most diverse needs also in terms of the size of spaces.

Rimadesio 2020 Collection: Francis, a system of tables for your every need

The new system of Francis tables is also a new product to be available soon. Yet another brainchild from a Giuseppe Bavuso project, Francis will be produced in rectangular, square or round versions and in different sizes able to satisfy any need.

Once more, for this collection of products, as well as almost all of the Rimadesio products, aesthetic customizing is incredibly extensive. The possibilities in fact range from having a top in retro lacquered glass (opaque or glossy), transparent glass or rather in marble or wood.  This top offers delightful curves in rectangular and square versions, almost becoming a sculptural object with a unique and captivating style. The structure instead is of aluminium, very technical and light, and can be made in polished aluminium, black nickel, or in all 38 colours of the Rimadesio Ecolorsystem.

This system of tables changes face completely depending on the finish chosen, taking on a unique style and character for each type of configuration.

Modulor Boiserie, the star of Rimadesio’s new products in 2020

We will conclude with the greatest of the innovations proposed by Rimadesio, the Modulor boiserie system. Finalist at the 2020 AZ Awards, Modulor has achieved success with the innovation, creativity and eco-sustainability that this project represents offering itself as the company’s flagship product to earn even greater success.

Once again Giuseppe Bavuso is the project creator and has gained a vast clientele because of this equipped wall system’s ability to adapt itself to any architectural, work or domestic space, owing to customizable modules that are available in all the Rimadesio finishes.

This innovative boiserie system is very dynamic, and can in fact be configured with shelves, display cases, doors (swinging or sliding) or even as a bridging unit. The structure is made of water-base painted aluminium while the panels that comprise the boiserie can be made in all 184 finishes the company offers, ranging from glass and porcelain tile to even wood. Furthermore, as an accessory, Modulor offers an integrated LED lighting system able to create very special atmospheres. Ultimately, if you are looking for something unique and special to embellish your space, Modulor is the perfect solution for you.

Despite the period we have all just been through, the company is confident of its abilities and expects that, with all these new products, 2020 will end on a great note as it always has in previous years. The preconditions are all there: extraordinary products made with extreme care and professionalism by equally extraordinary people and technologies can only garner approval and success.