Outdoor lighting: lights that embellish the environment

Outdoor lighting: lights that embellish the environment

With the arrival of warm weather and those long summer evenings, outdoor spaces begin to fill up with people and require special adjustments to improve aesthetics and increase comfort. Outdoor lighting is undoubtedly one of those essential functions for enjoying the outdoors to the utmost; in fact, a setting with no light or improper lighting is unable to convey those feelings and that sense of hospitality that the right lighting can bring to the surrounding atmosphere. There are countless types of lighting available on the market, each with its own functionality and special features, starting with floor lamps, then the very convenient cordless lamps, and finally wall lamps and recessed lighting. Today, lighting fixtures are produced not only by large lighting companies such as Flos and Artemide (just to name a few) but by outdoor furnishing specialists such as Dedon, Ethimo and Royal Botania. In fact, interesting and innovative solutions are offered which complete the company’s furniture collection, making the outdoors a unique and sophisticated environment that is fully enjoyable. Let’s have a look at the different types of outdoor lighting sources and which models stand out above the rest

Outdoor floor lamps

Floor lamps are the perfect solution for illuminating specific areas in an outdoor space. They have the great advantage of being able to be moved according to need and changes in layout, which often happens outdoors. Seeing the success of some of their models designed for interiors, a number of companies have decided to offer the same ones also for exteriors, obviously equipped with all those special features and useful adjustments for outdoor use.

Flos is a perfect example with its Ktribe F3 and Superarchimoon models, designed by Michael Anastassiades and Philippe Starck respectively. The company wanted to link indoors and outdoors by proposing two of its best-sellers in outdoor lamp versions. While Ktrive F3 is smaller with more essential lines, the Superarchimoon was designed to amaze and dominate the surrounding environment, indoors or out.

Artemide also wanted a highly successful lamp such as Tolomeo lamp to be transformed into an outdoor lamp without losing the allure and class that has always distinguished it. Artemide has also recently introduced the “O” lamp on the market: a luminous sculpture with a stunning scenic effect that captivates anyone who sees it. In fact this floor lamp, also available in a suspension version, gives off a soft light that can also be controlled from an app on your mobile phone.

Another noteworthy model is the Bamboo lamp from the Vibia company which, as the name suggests, features sinuous shapes that allow it to live in total harmony with the surrounding nature, enhancing streets, buildings, open spaces and passageways with the spectacular luminous effects it projects.

Outdoor wall lamps

Wall lamps, on the other hand, are those lighting fixtures specifically designed to highlight the special features of a building by enhancing and creating a certain mood in an environment or simply to illuminate areas that are darker than others. This type of outdoor lamp can be wall-mounted or recessed, a difference that defines the name with which they are catalogued: wall lamp or recessed. Recessed lamps usually end up being more technical and are created to offer more spectacular lighting while wall light fixtures are more functional and designed to be aesthetically beautiful objects to behold as well as perform their function of illuminating.

There are numerous products now on the market and one that is particularly noteworthy is the Camouflage lamp by Flos, designed by Piero Lissoni. Camouflage is a wall lamp that appears to be very simple but can be made with the same finish as the wall where it will be positioned so as to disappear once the light goes out and to show its form when the light is on. Light therefore proves to be the one and only protagonist.

On the other hand, if you want a fixture that seeks the spotlight, Flos also proposes Heco, a very unusual wall lamp conceived by the designer Nendo. More than a lamp, Heco is a sculpture, featuring an extreme visual lightness given by the black painted stainless steel structure and interrupted only by the round opalescent glass diffuser. It can be positioned vertically or horizontally or near a corner.

Artemide instead offers a more technical outdoor lamp in appearance which, owing to its light beams, creates fantastic geometric displays on walls, enhancing the contours of the building.

The Vibia catalogue instead offers a wall lamp with a guaranteed “wow” effect. The Origami, with its single electrical connection point, can be composed of countless elements to create fantastic and spectacular compositions at the customer’s discretion.

Cordless outdoor lamps

Synonymous with comfort and versatility, these are cordless lamps, meaning they are light sources that can be taken anywhere and recharged with a simple power cable once the battery is dead. There are also models that pay tribute to the environment, owing to the presence of solar cells that only use natural light to make the lamp work. This is the great advantage of this particular type of light fixture which, from a certain point of view, proves to be revolutionary, as well as ensuring greater mobility without the huge obstacle of needing a power cable or power outlet.

These outdoor lamps can be used during summer dinners by simply placing them on the table; we can also position them on a terrace to create atmosphere, along the edge of a swimming pool or next to relaxation areas where soft ambience is needed. In short, no matter where you put them, cordless lamps are the perfect solution for those seeking the lightness, versatility and beauty of a design object in a lamp.

The lamps in Dedon‘s The Others collection are no less remarkable, made entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen and with a marble base. They feature splendid woven patterns and the possibility of placing one module on top of the other, thus creating luminous totem-like stacks capable of decorating entire areas. Handmade acrylic eyes can be added to these totems, forming faces that convey a sense of humour and mischief to the beholder.

Very popular and known everywhere now is the ultra-versatile Battery by Kartell: a cordless table lamp that is very convenient for a wide range of circumstances. With its minimal dimensions, it can create spectacular light effects all around, owing to its multifaceted lampshade made of transparent plastic. Available in countless colours, it is the perfect lamp to use in contract settings, cafes/bars, restaurants or in special corners in our homes.

A sophisticated and elegant company such as Ethimo also has a rechargeable cordless lamp in its catalogue: the Lucerna Lantern, a lamp with an aluminium body and glass lampshade which can also be hung on the wall on a support bracket. Exquisite materials for an outdoor lamp that will surely impress, especially if combined with others from the same family.

Every self-respecting outdoor setting or building must have the right lighting to enhance its beauty and appear to the eyes of observers as if it were the result of a thorough study, aimed at creating something of great impact and in harmony with the surrounding context. Lighting plays a fundamental role in any project, even more so if it is an outdoor area because, while it is true one should not judge a book by its cover, if the cover is beautiful, the rest will follow suit.

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