Outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs

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Now a space to be enjoyed all year long, the outdoors is also being embellished with accessories we usually find inside homes which we are not used to seeing outdoors. We are talking about rugs which, now more than ever, are invading external settings with the intention of making the experience of living outside the walls of home even more comfortable and elegant. Different shapes, qualities and materials obviously exist but all of them must have special characteristics so that weathering, sunlight, wear and other external factors do not compromise their quality and appearance. The best outdoor furniture brands, and not only, have beautiful rugs in their collections made with innovative materials of the highest quality resulting from extensive research and testing carried out over the years. There are rugs with stripes, graphic patterns, fringes or in solid colours. An outdoor rug allows both designers and customers to make the outdoors a more complete and comfortable space that creates true open-air rooms. An outdoor rug is certainly unusual to see but it has the great advantage of giving personality and character to the environment and defining spaces.

Several companies are distinguishing themselves for their interesting proposals, among which Paola LentiRodaMinotti and Talenti undoubtedly stand out.

The class of Minotti outdoor rugs

Come ben noto, Minotti è una delle aziende più riconosciute nel panorama del design internazionale per qualità, innovazione e know-how aziendale. I prodotti delle sue collezioni sono tutti frutto di uno stretto rapporto con alcuni tra i più grandi designer al mondo. Non fanno eccezione nemmeno i tappeti outdoor che sono stati pensati da Rodolfo Dordoni e realizzati artigianalmente dalle abili mani dei tecnici dell’azienda brianzola. In collezione ne troviamo due: il Braid Rug “Outdoor” e il Tricot “Flag”, tappeti che hanno entrambi una struttura a treccia con effetto Tricot e realizzati con un filato acrilico che rende la superficie impermeabile e quindi adatta per l’utilizzo in ambienti umidi come bordi piscina o località ad alto tasso di umidità. Mentre il Braid Rug “Outdoor” ha un aspetto più sobrio ed è stato realizzato in tinta unita e disponibile in diverse colorazioni, il Tricot “Flag” è un tappeto che ha una personalità più spiccata dovuta alle diverse nuance presenti sulla superficie, ispirate ai colori della natura, per dialogare con essa, creando ambienti raffinati e ricercati.

Unique rugs by Paola Lenti

A long-time leading company in the outdoor sector, the Paola Lenti brand is recognizable everywhere for its incredible sensitivity in using colours and the extraordinary ability to create fantastic weaves that distinguish every single product. The brand’s rugs are no exception, available in countless models and materials, which alone are able to decorate an entire room and give that original and unique touch for which this company is so greatly appreciated. Paola Lenti gives great importance to rugs, both indoors and outdoors, so much so that an entire section of its catalogue is dedicated to these accessories. Leaving aside indoor rugs, the outdoor rugs are extraordinary both for their technical features as well as the quality of the materials used and are defined by the company as High Tech.

The High Tech rugs are made with two yarns patented directly by the company which are Acquatech and Rope respectively. These two yarns have the characteristic of being highly resistant to weathering and the strength of the sun’s UV rays, keeping colours unchanged after years of use. High Tech rugs can also be made to measure and are available in many models, each with different aesthetic and compositional characteristics, but all extraordinarily durable over time, maintaining that unmistakable style that only Paola Lenti is able to offer.

The softness and contemporary appeal of Roda outdoor rugs

Roda is one of the most important brands on the international scene for outdoor furniture. It also features rugs with an incredibly contemporary and elegant flair in its large collection with models such as Babylon and Knot , just to name two.

These rugs differ from others on the market for their softness and natural appearance. In fact, they are entirely handmade with a synthetic fibre yarn resulting in a rug with high-performance properties against weathering. The other special feature of these rugs is their appearance: both Babylon and Knot look just like indoor rugs for the warm and cosy feeling the material gives to those who walk on them. For this and other reasons, Roda outdoor rugs are the perfect choice for people who want to enjoy the outdoors with all the comforts of indoor spaces.