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For The Architects, From The Architects

Design Experience results from Interni’s desire to put its interlocutors, i.e. private individuals and design services, in contact with a wide and selected range of contacts, suppliers, and artisans who make meticulousness and research their driving forces—a pool of large and small entities with unique characteristics each representing excellence in their field.

Precious Materials and Craftsmanship

Our research for rare materials and exclusive craftsmanship takes us on a journey across cultures and traditions. Design Experience by Interni celebrates beauty and talent, where every choice reflects the uniqueness of each person.
From stone to fabric, every element is selected to deliver excellence and authenticity.

A tailor-made relationship with your favourite brands

In Interni, custom-made is the rule. Thanks to exclusive relationships with high-end brands, we go beyond the catalogue to customise your spaces in a unique way.

Management of the Worksite,
from Start to Finish

Our management knows no boundaries. Interni ensures that every project in every corner of the world is carried out meticulously, respecting the richness of Italian design. Every step is managed rigorously to make your vision come to life with the peace of mind that only impeccable service can provide.

Quality control

Interni makes quality its trademark, visible in every finish and detail. Our evaluation process and commitment to excellence ensure that every aspect of the project exceeds the highest standards, delivering an outcome that goes hand in hand with perfection.

Our Last Project .

Villa Isola

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island, Villa Isola is an architectural masterpiece realized by the renowned Dubai studio Etereo Design, together with Interni.



“My profession is multidisciplinary. There are many steps in between the project and its execution. The collaboration with INTERNI was essential for this process. Every piece of information is at your fingertips at Design Factory.”


Cem Kapancioglu

“In collaborative works the strategic positioning is the key. With our collaborative work with INTERNI, we have successfully maintained the roles of Lead & Follow in perfect combination and balance, that resulted in happy result for both the firms and for the end-user as well.”


Ludivica e Roberto Palomba

“Interni is a reality that allows you to clearly decipher the designer’s vision: a bridge structure that can give shape to the visions of a remarkable creative talent.”



“Design Experience stems from the wisdom of master craftsmen, striving to craft interiors that transcend mere furniture, encompassing every aspect, including materials, finishes, flooring and coatings, to evoke a truly immersive ambience.”


Mark Rielly

“I believe that every interior deeply affects the emotions of the people using it, and that it summons all the senses. This may have something to do with my South African roots, where the summer is nine months long – but I especially love projects that have a strong connection between inside and outside, where terraces become private resorts and offer perfect occasions for conviviality”.


Dori Hitti

“I think it’s very important to master the harmony between all of these materials to reach a sense of homogeneity. Interni is the perfect partner because we have the same sensitivity.”

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