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Falper is an Italian company that specialises in the production of high-end bathroom furnishings: furniture and accessories, washbasins, taps, baths, shower trays and mirrors.

The Living Bathroom concept is the cornerstone of the brand’s philosophy. The bathroom is envisaged as a sort of imaginary extension of the living area: a fluid space that harmoniously blends functionality and aesthetics. A space which, like the rest of the home, reflects our character, ambitions and tastes. An original way of experiencing the bathroom, which transforms every piece of furniture into a small architectural feature. Falper products have a distinctly contemporary look featuring a clean, iconic design. At the same time, the sleek pure white design is tempered by the tactile appeal of wood, by exquisite finishes and by a series of distinctive elements that create a contemporary living atmosphere.


The collections are divided into three ranges, each with its own characteristics, yet consistent with the company’s distinguishing aesthetic and quality standards. White, Exclusive and Black are designed to cater for different space requirements, different levels of customisation and different living styles.

The White collections feature minimalist shapes, designed with special attention to detail and intended for small bathrooms. Exclusive comprises modular and customisable collections that pair high-end style and design with exquisite construction details. Black is Falper’s top-of-the-range collection: true one-offs, design icons made from the most exclusive materials and with the highest possible degree of customisation.

Epitomising Made in Italy excellence, Falper’s manufacturing approach draws on the experience and excellence of its collaborators, suppliers and consultants, chosen for their extraordinary skills. Not only Made in Italy, but handmade in Italy using production processes that guarantee maximum sustainability.Epitomising Made in Italy excellence, Falper’s manufacturing approach draws on the experience and excellence of its collaborators, suppliers and consultants, chosen for their extraordinary skills. Not only Made in Italy, but handmade in Italy using production processes that guarantee maximum sustainability.

Production balanced between the past, present and future. On the one hand, technological research, progress and the millimetric precision of state-of-the-art equipment. On the other hand, the heritage and expertise of craftsmen and the historical production culture of a company led by its second generation.Founded in 1962, over the years the company has successfully developed its products to achieve a high level of excellence and a distinct style that is appreciated and recognised both in Italy and abroad. 

Always remaining true to its heritage and long-standing values, from the start of the new millennium Falper has embarked on a path of research and internationalisation, expanding to encompass 11 concept stores and over 250 points of sale worldwide. The company’s research, which has been conducted in particular since the 2000s, has involved prestigious designers such as Michael Schmidt, Robin Rizzini and Matteo Thun – both Compasso d’Oro winners –, Paola Navone and Victor Vasilev. 
The result is a well-defined, sigfnature aesthetic, an innovative, iconic, sleek design. The company has received a number of awards over the years, including the ISH Design Plus Award and the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.


The importance of bathroom forniture

In decorating any home environment, it is the small details that make the difference. From the point of view of the bathroom it is of paramount importance to create a cozy and intimate environment within which to relax and take care of your body. And it is the constant search for style and functionality that makes Falper an innovative and forward-looking company. The rich catalog, capable of satisfying any need, includes everything necessary for a beautiful and efficient bathroom, from furniture to washbasins, from mirrors to faucets, making use of fine materials, in order to perfectly combine design and long life.

An experienced staff to bring project to life

Falper's goal is to take care of every stage related to the realization of products. Following the conception of the bathroom lines, the wood components are processed at the in-house carpentry shop, which handcrafts all the operations needed to finish the products, including painting and lacquering. The last stage is assembly, where the components are completed and customized, with the introduction of elements such as shelves, hinges and drawers. Of note are the certifications obtained by the company in the European and international arena, due to the care with which the products are manufactured, which are non-toxic, antibacterial and recyclable.

Every wish is achievable

Falper stands out as a true excellence in the field of bathroom furniture. This is due both to the excellent quality materials with which it makes its furniture and to the possibility offered to customers to define their own designs, working to measure. The designers' department is ready to respond to any request, with the aim of creating essential and classy lines that can be configured as customers choose. Great space is given to lighting, designed to highlight facial details. Finally, each of Falper's creations is marked and numbered: in this way you can be sure of owning a product of handcrafted quality and unique in every way.



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