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A brand with a long history, Giorgetti creates exclusive products, combining the highest cabinet-making tradition with sophisticated engineering, machine tools and the latest generation of production technologies.

Chairs, tables, sofas, armchairs, desks, beds, chests of drawers, bedside tables and furnishings of high quality craftsmanship have no time for banal solutions. They are exclusive and multifaceted creations, translating “made in Italy” into a recognisable, unique and original "Giorgetti style".

Giorgetti was founded in Meda, Brianza, in 1898. Its success lies in continuous innovation, which visibly runs through the “made in Italy” production process. Quality controls are carried out at every stage to verify the function and excellence of raw materials and components. The combination of machinery and the hands of master craftsmen contributes to creating products that have all the allure of unique handmade pieces. 

Studied down to the smallest detail, these items represent a form of personalisation that reaffirms each person’s need to be different, especially in their own home. Creating unique artefacts for all of its customers is one of the company’s main aims.


Adapt the space by enhancing one's own individuality: a modern ambition that creates freedom of expression

Giorgetti, a brand that makes diversity the assisting element in every field. This concept is expressed through furnishing and wants to be the reflection of a versatile and multi-colored reality: cultures are increasingly mixed, but at the same time each one keeps its own individuality. This aspect is expressed by Giorgetti furniture or the ability to assimilate different characteristics and styles while maintaining its original identity. An example is Move, the rocking chair with sinuous lines and an animated soul. It is able to adapt to a more elegant and sober decor, being ready to flaunt its dynamic essence.

Diversity also touches time and space: original furnishing models which become one with the rooms to recreate open and increasingly communicating environments, are already considered as more traditional settings. A style corresponds to each era, but Giorgetti also interprets freer compositions, where time and space remains a latent but nevertheless influential dimension.With regard to materials, diversity manifests itself in “imperfections”. In fact these are studied details that make the difference: inconsistencies in colors and dimensions that are synonymous with refinement.


Giorgetti Furnishings: quality and customization

The success of Giorgetti also lies in the continuous innovation pursued by the brand which is clearly visible throughout the entire production process. The quality checks carried out at each stage of the process verify the functionality and excellence of the raw materials and components, up to the finished product. And everything is Made in Italy.

The use of technological machinery is combined with the hand of master craftsmen to create precise details. Thus, creating the customization to reaffirm the need of the individual to distinguish himself, even in the setting of his own home environment.

A story begun in 1898 in Meda, in Brianza, by Luigi Giorgetti. A story that continues today to be narrated by customers all over the world and commented on by their guests who are enchanted.

With Giorgetti Design, the products speak of the customer

Among the main objectives of the brand is to create a unique atmosphere, different for each designed home environment. Through a series of products that fall into the Giorgetti Atmosphere category, this mission becomes even more interesting for the customer, who will undoubtedly find the way to tell their guests.

Among these many furnishing accessories we would like to present you 90° Minuto, a table football in leather and crystal with ash wood knobs and players. Elegance and sportiness are the features that distinguish it, as well as the personality and style of those who choose to have it in their living room.Another piece is Ali, a training bag made of leather with a velvety feel: an elegant object with a fighting spirit, a reflection of an apparently delicate personality but gritty in the depths. Interni is one of the Giorgetti dealers who will be able to guide you in choosing the best furnishing accessories that suits your needs. Contact us for more information on prices and products.



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