Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau

tradition and passion for a fabulous best-seller

Considered one of the finest companies in the world for its production of leather-upholstered furnishings, Poltrona Frau is the name that today more than others manages to convey, through its products, emotions that speak of tradition, passion and quality. The innate ability to handcraft leather and create superlative furnishings has made Poltrona Frau a point of reference for many other firms in the design world.

Founded in 1912 in Turin, Poltrona Frau indelibly marked the history of Italian design becoming a true status symbol which was synonymous with luxury and elegance in the 1930s. For over a century, Poltrona Frau has been producing furnishings considered veritable works of art created through the use of the finest materials available.

Quality and the “intelligence of hands” are the two essential values that allow Poltrona Frau to offer products with outstanding standards capable of conquering the world design scene and enchanting thousands of enthusiasts. There are also many internationally renowned designers who have fallen under the spell of Poltrona Frau and collaborated to make this company even greater.

Driven also by a strong code of ethics, Poltrona Frau produces and operates in full respect for the environment, using processes that also protect its employees. The high quality of its products and eternal designs make Frau furnishings durable over time, designed specifically not to be replaced in the short run. 

Mamy Blue: Lazzeroni designs a best-selling armchair which is a tribute to comfort

Designed for moments of total relaxation and for fully immersive readings, Mamy Blue is one of the Poltrona Frau brand’s best-selling and most cherished armchairs. Designed by Roberto Lazzeroni, Mamy Blue is defined by its soft and sinuous shapes where materials, such as the leather of the upholstery and the wood of the legs, are enhanced and uplifted. Mamy Blue’s delicate and enveloping lines allow it to be a contemporary armchair never enslaved by time and a perfect fit for elegant living rooms and studies. Another captivating aspect that makes Mamy Blue even more complete and versatile is the possibility of playing with coverings and choosing an armchair made entirely of leather or pairing leather with the various types of saddle leather and fabrics. Beautiful and lavish contrast stitching runs over the entire body while a solid base consisting of 4 solid wood legs keep it firmly planted on the ground. Ultimately, Mamy Blue is also available with a swivel base and can be fitted with a very comfortable optional headrest.

Fumoir: the elegance of an era gone by becomes a best-seller

Conceived and designed by Renzo Frau, Fumoir is a seating collection composed of armchairs and sofas, two- and three-seater, which reintroduces the appeal of a bygone era but with Poltrona Frau’s classic quality and comfort. Inspired by the eighteenth-century tub armchair, Fumoir armchair and sofas are nimble and well-proportioned elements equipped with brass front wheels, dark walnut-stained beechwood legs, stunning diamond-pattern stitching and refined leather-covered buttons which embellish the backrests. Topping off an already elegant and refined collection, small leather-covered pins have been provided, which finish the back and sides of the armchairs and sofas. A distinctive feature of the Fumoir sofas and armchairs is the absence of cushions we usually find leaning against the backrest resulting in a collection of seats perfect for a parlour or to be placed around a table.

Fiorile: versatility and unprecedented compositions make Fiorile one of the most requested Poltrona Frau products

Designed by the expert hands of Roberto Lazzeroni, Fiorile is a collection of coffee tables produced by Poltrona Frau which that makes customization and elegance its hallmarks. Available in rectangular, square and triangular shapes and designed in different heights, Fiorile coffee tables were created to be combined with one another creating new and delightful compositions that are useful in a variety of situations. Throughout the collection we find rounded corners and pleasing organic shapes where a solid base in solid ashwood, available in two different finishes, can be paired with tops in wood veneer, marble or covered with leather. In addition to classic coffee tables, in the Fiorile collection we also find a version fitted with a convenient storage drawer that makes it perfect as a bedside table. The enormous success of the Fiorile collection has made these coffee tables one of the best-selling Poltrona Frau products ever.

Poltrona Frau today represents the ultimate expression of Made in Italy products in the world, as they are coveted for their extreme quality and innate elegance, offering unique furnishings made by the finest craftsmen. For these very reasons, we at Interni Design Experience have been featuring this brand’s extraordinary furnishings in our showrooms for several years now. You will find a stunning selection of Poltrona Frau items in Milan, Bergamo, and Verano Brianza, where professionals in the sector will guide you through the marvellous world of the Tolentina company’s furnishings and finishes, providing all the information necessary for making the right choices in keeping with your needs.