Baxter — maison&objet 2014



It covers the whole Baxter space at Maison&Objet. And all of the new installation by Paola Navone. Natural white. Glossy white. Matt white. White that is never just white. It exudes a refined beauty that can be seen from far away. From some imaginary northern place of yesteryear. So exciting to think that the objects in the collection have arrived here after a long journey! Animated by all the worlds that they have crossed. Baxter leather is, as always, the soul of the collection. Leather processed using sophisticated tanning systems until it becomes extremely soft. As only Baxter knows how. In the new collection, leather takes on different forms and new textures. Now it is smooth and shiny, taut like hide. Now it is crumpled like fabric. Now it is flocked like velvet. Now ironically printed.


There is a large deco-inspired leather sofa with spiral armrests, the deep-buttoned backrest, the seat a very long, soft leather cushion. Then, a sofa, with classic forms, that envelops you like a nest. The large cushions of the seat and backrest have visible stitching. It also seems to be deep-buttoned but, instead, it is upholstered in smooth printed leather. A trompe-l’oeil optical illusion. Small, delicate magic! There is a large table with iron frame and top made from Carrara marble. And a long console that doubles as a desk. There is a leather armchair, soft and rounded like the armchairs of yesteryear whose flocked leather upholstery makes it unexpectedly modern. And a large armchair like a throne, with a carved wooden frame, boasting floral motifs with flocked print leather upholstery and large white on white flowers. There is an amazing array of chairs and small armchairs which, in their journey from the north, have become transformed. Each in its own way. With a dash of irony. A curious iron wing chair whose rounded backrest and armrests, created with a single profile, surround a comfortable leather seat. A fun Sellerina chair in shiny leather. A poetic iron fold-out chair with padded seat and oval backrest, and leather upholstery. And another with cushioned backrest.


Then, different from all the rest, a funny rocking chair upholstered in soft Mongolia leather. A playful and unexpected presence. Perhaps a curious animated puppet. Perhaps a small and unknown creature of the snow. An ottoman as big as an island upholstered in soft, saggy leather. And a small one in taut leather that doubles as a coffee table. All together the objects in the collection form an imaginative and poetic miscellany. Where a touch of fairy tale and a touch of the past live together spontaneously. A bit of enchantment. A bit of irony. The latest set creation by Paola Navone for Baxter is chalky white.




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