Chester one

NAME: Chester one

YEAR: 1912

DESIGNER: Renzo Frau

The zest for perfection can be seen in the capitonné effect workmanship and in the series of tacksthat give a finishing touch to the leather. The vegetable horsehair of the padding in the backrest and armrests is hand-modelled. The springs are eight-way springs, tied by hand and supported on jute webbing.


Even before the Great War, Renzo Frau had already discovered the Chesterfield sofas and armchairs featured in London’s most exclusive clubs. He immediately saw the potential and initially imported original models from Great Britain to Turin. He then decided to make some major changes and produce the item himself. It was thus that Poltrona Frau Chester was born in 1912. First an armchair and later sofa. Always featuring the macro-capitonnè working and spiral armrest featuring the deep plissè. Today, just as it was then, hand-crafted.

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To have more information have a look to the Chester One catalogue. We invite you to visit our showroom in Bergamo, Via Paleocapa 3L, to appreciate the beauty of this incredible italian icony of the Design made in italy!

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