Nine objects that are absolute musts in the kitchen

kitchen berloni

1)Dough shaper and cutter

An absolute must that has been resonating powerfully for a couple of years now, thanks to a well-known television programme: «NO to the mappazzone! (mess of a dish!)» So how do we address the problem? With a dough shaper and cutter, perfect for portioning dough, risottos and cupcakes or shaping the tartar.


Do you keep your pots, pans and utensils tidy? The hook is a clever solution for putting … every piece of equipment that needs to be close at hand all in a row.

3)Half Moon Cutter

Ok, so here we are in the 21st century, surrounded by electrical appliances and yet we’re still mentioning hand tools? Yes, because aesthetically speaking it is a beautiful implement. And because we’re a little nostalgic. And we want to touch your emotions — and no, not with the sautéed onion.

4)Magnetic Knife Rack

Whilst on the subject of cutting. This solution combines safety and aesthetics. It allows you to store knives and bladed utensils (and more) in a practical way that is also beautiful! You don’t want to give prominence to your collection of knives any more?


«Ladies, the knife grinder’s here: sharpens knives, scissors and blades» as the call once went…. remember? What was once a regular Sunday morning appointment with the man who did just that, is now nothing more than just a beautiful memory. Now every home cannot be without its own sharpener: ready for use at any time. And not just on Sundays.


Wood or plastic? That is the problem. On the one hand natural antiseptic properties, but a greater risk of absorbing residues and odours; on the other, the possibility of rinsing the plastic with disinfectants, but with a greater risk of hosting bacteria. The choice is yours.


We’ve seen them everywhere and have always been envious of them. Because, let’s face it, tongs are what make a real chef and allow food to be handled with ease, without getting burned. Yes, what we don’t want to see is you using a spoon and fork to fiddle with the food.

8)Odour-removing soap bar

«With your hands you peel the onions,» as Zucchero once sang. And those hands will then smell of onions all evening. Unless of course… you use the metal, odour-removing soap bar.

9)Scraper for ceramic tops

That is to say — just like the pastry-making tool (the so-called steel «dough cutter») it can become a practical scraper with which to remove to remove all deposits and encrustations from glass-ceramic hobs. A splendid combination.

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