Take part to the RUN4T

Return the third part of the RUN4T, a not competitive running (9 KM) organized by Triennale of Milan.

The Triennale of Milan is the italian foundation for architecture, decorative’s art, design, fashion and audio and visual production.

In its mission there are the diffusion of the art and the artistic culture among young generations. The race celebrates the relation between the Foundation, the Garden and Sempione park, that everyday welcomes runners throughout the city.

The race finishes to the Triennale garden, in order to put the attention on this place, with its values and institutional role about the culture and art production not only in the city of Milan but also all over the world.


This year the RUN4T is enriched thanks to the great support of the Civic Jazz courses students: an excellence with and high artistic value in the Milan area. The musicians will be placed along the route and they will accompany athlets during the racem, demonstrating the richness of jazz music, its different styles and its performative, theoretical and cultural dimensions. The race, between the beauty of the park and the musical performances, is going to be a rare moment of joyful and growt for all the partecipants.




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