«Living like Ponti»

The exhibition “Living like Ponti. Experiments of domestic life and architecture for life and work» held in Rome in collaboration with Edison is going to be opened only until the 9th January.


The exhibition “Living like Ponti”, realized by the Milan Ordine degli Architetti and by Muse with the support of  Molteni&C, arrive in Rome in collaboration with Edison, the Company that in 1883 lit for the first time the Teatro alla Scala and the centre of Milan, improving the development of the town and the electrification of Italy.

The exhibition, after the international tour, is guest in the Edison headquarter in Rome to celebrate its 130 years of history and pay a tribute to the collaboration with Gio Ponti. The collaboration with the great architect started in the 1930 with the project of the «Electric house», that rapresents one of the first examples of rationalistic architecture in Italy, where we can find all the everyday application of electric energy, from the lamps to the household appliances. This house was strongly  requested by Gio Ponti and Edison, and commisionated to the Group 7 for the Monza’s IV Triennale.


«Living like Ponti», is a tribute to Gio Ponti Design and a vision about the modernity still available, that is enriched itself with materials from the Edison projects archives. It’s a stpry that is both intimate and professional, and it’s accompained by letters, family photographs and video documents that testify the vitality of the great master in the ‘900. Other protagonists are aslo the furnishes designed by Gio Ponti from 1935 (like the chair designed for the Montecatini Palace), to the ’50 years (like the furnished projected for the Ponti house in Dezza street in Milan) and the 1970s (like the folding chair «Apta»).



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