Behind an exceptional service

Behind an exceptional service

A modern dream, the creation of artisan knowledge and the pursuit of quality without limits: bringing the Made in Italy experience all over the world, starting from Milan, the capital of arts.

A history of research and creation so intense, with deep roots in the DNA of international design.
The bearer of timeless craftsmanship and creative force has revolutionized the rules of custom-made for almost a century, to provide a fulfilling experience.



The support of an international network

The support of an international network

From the first contact, through our website, our social media or by visiting one of our 11 showrooms, a network of professionals will guide you, whatever your language, in the world of INTERNI made in Italy.
An international network that has always been a fundamental point of reference for sales, design and furniture for home and office.


Limitless boundaries

Everywhere you are, we speak your language

Our network crosses 5 continents, 169 states and 1.912 cities.
Our experts speak your language and join you in your country, following you at every stage of the project, building a journey through subjects and styles that meet cultures and needs, without the unpleasant waiting and giving value to your time.


Satisfy each need

The best of design always at your disposal

The possibility of choice has no limit and offers the comfort of a service that puts the entire Italian art and the best of design at your service.
The Interni professionals create original views of design, ambitious projects supported by a team of specialists constantly looking for new ways to satisfy the taste of each customer by bringing the service directly at his door.


Design approach

A perfect custom made project

In addition to putting our expert architects or great masters of architecture at your disposal, we collaborate daily with architecture companies. We offer all the assistance necessary to create a custom made project that is perfect in every detail.


Design services

  • Architectural survey.
  • Preliminary drawings to discuss all the technical information.
  • Estimation of all project proposals.
  • Technical drawings to be able to anticipate, evaluate and solve every aspect of the project right away.
  • 3D models and renderings, fundamental for the definition of every detail already in the planning phase without any surprises.
  • The most advanced technologies to offer you the opportunity to take a Virtual tour within your project.



Everywhere you are, everything you wish

Everywhere you are, everything you wish

The need of supplying and guaranteeing a unique sales service in a timely and precise manner, starts from the design phase.
Wherever you are, whatever you wish we can provide you with any indoor and outdoor products, furniture and accessories in order to create you the most comfortable, elegant and beautiful environment.
By buying from us you will have all the advantages of purchasing a Made in Italy product sold in Italy and also you can always buy the best and without worries, thanks to a special guarantee.



A global calling with optimal performances

To guarantee optimal performances, Interni relies on a well-organized internal logistics structure. 3 logistics centers, a “control room” designed to supervise the purchased items in our stores and with the utmost care, delivering them to any home with our own means or through trusted couriers, by air or by sea. In addition, Interni always loves to travel safely: this is why every phase of transport is covered by a special policy.


Assembly and installation

By your side at every stage

By your side at every stage

Each purchase is delivered based on a work schedule that corresponds to the various assembly phases.
The packaging is specifically designed for each type of product, country and destination, and is marked to be identifiable from the outside. In this way, each product becomes easy to identify, facilitating the on-site assembly.
We take care of all assembly and installation phases directly through our specialized team of technicians or guaranteeing remote assistance and supervision to every professional.


Post-sales assistance

An accurate and careful service

The Interni activity does not end with the purchase but continues over the years with an accurate and careful after-sales service.
Whether it is the assistance for repairs or integration of existing projects, all requests are managed with the utmost professionalism and the services are provided as quickly as possible.

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