Exclusive Design Service

Exclusive Design Service

An exclusive experience that offers to our premium client the excellence of design combined with the highest quality service. Interni Design Experience is a service that was created to satisfy every type of request: not just private homes, but designs that create the world around what you want. Hotels, stores, infrastructures: creations that have in common uniqueness and the best quality to be found. Interni designs spaces and creates the atmosphere that surrounds them and fills them in a perfect synergy of design and Italian craftsmanship. It designs the sensation of luxury and carries it through every sense, every touch, every breath. The large architectural office creates a dimension of emotions that are the soul of his unique experience.

Since 85 years, the Made in Italy in the world

Interni began in 1933 with an idea, a modern dream without barriers, created from top quality craft skills, which was to take the experience of Made in Italy from the art capital of Milan throughout the entire world. A story of such intense research and creation with its roots in the DNA of international design. Our timeless craftsmanship and creative force has revolutionised the rules of custom-made for almost a century, to provide an overwhelming experience.

Design experience: Exclusive Luxury Service

Everything we do is geared to exceed our customers’ expectations of an experience of pure luxury. As one of our customers, you will be given a choice stretching to unimaginable horizons and providing you with a service, which offers all the very best of Italian art and design. The professionals at Interni will work together with you to create unprecedented panoramas of design. Our skilled architects work side by side with a team of specialists to create ambitious projects, and are constantly seeking new ways to satisfy your tastes straight to your front door. Our experts will not only speak your language and reach you in your own country, but will also guide you through every stage of your project. You will be taken on a journey through materials and styles to match your culture and your requirements, without any down time taken from your own precious time. From taking measurements to producing the final working drawings, from searching for samples of the most exclusive materials to creating hyper-realistic renderings, Interni will put you in charge and give you the unique opportunity of deciding the extent to which you want to be directly involved in the project. You will have the maximum luxury of a perfect result, which can involve you directly or free you entirely of any commitments. This is Interni’s idea of maximum personalisation: a service, which bends the experience of luxury to fit total customer satisfaction.

A network of master architects and craftsmen

Countries, cultures, Italian craftsmen, designers, architects and maestri join together professionally in a network unique in the world for its size and quality: a closely woven network of experts, who work along the lines established by Interni to set the perfect stage for every individual project to exploit our entire wealth of experience. The creations of Interni are experiences, which shape themselves around the dreams of you, the customer, to take your choices to the highest peak of success. If you wish to use one of Interni’s expert architects, our trusted team or a maestro of world architecture, our service will transform your project into a work of art, sculpted by a profound knowledge of Italian craft and the idea that personalisation makes every space unique.

Design is in everything we make, but it’s also between those things.

A project is a journey

The overwhelming experience with Interni is not restricted by a door in an office, where decisions are made. It is a journey, which gives you the opportunity to discover rare materials, workshop processes handed down by centuries of tradition and natural landscapes, from which it takes its inspiration to shape your project.From the most precious marble quarries in the world to the most exclusive local workshops of Made in Italy, the very essence of Interni Design Experience lies in its potential to open its doors wide to any possibility.

A tailor-made experience

Interni pieces together mosaics, in which each tile is designed to be unique. It uses Italian handcraft skills to weave together elements, which are already exclusive by nature, into a work of art.Interni Design Experience will sew together the pieces of a project, which is strictly Made in Italy and made to measure you, the customer, to achieve a tailor-made experience, which can sense and anticipate your tastes and needs. It chalks the lines of your desires and embroiders them with top quality perfection, typical of Italian art inspired by life itself. Materials, processes, quality control and project design can reach you wherever you are in the world thanks to our extensive, logistic network, site management and extreme care for detail. Just like the best Italian tailors, Interni selects the most precious materials, the most beautiful designs and the most intriguing sensations. The best stitches combine all these elements to create the perfect garment for living.

In the name of uniqueness

Interni’s DNA changes from one experience to another, from one project to another, in a continual, dynamic evolution with
no boundaries of application. Private residences, hotels, stores, infrastructures: the creative work at the heart of customised experience with Interni, which blends every possible type of creation. Interni designs concepts, which interpret every space and culture to create a scene according to the qualitative standards of all that is Italian and its legendary history as the cradle of international art.
Totally unique projects, with an emotional dimension in common, created from an experience designed to fit the person.