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Sustainable interior furnishings: Luxury Design is becoming increasingly “greener”

As everyone already knows by now, our planet’s resources are not unlimited and can no longer be exploited and/or damaged indefinitely. Precisely for this reason issues such as environmental sustainability and recycling have become part of our common vocabulary. Even the world of design, in particular that of the luxury sector and its production, has had to adapt to standards and protocols that aim more and more at protecting the planet. Today’s Design is greener than ever without sacrificing the exceptional quality and extraordinary aesthetics for which products Made in Italy are known. Companies such as Flexform, Exteta and Paola Lenti are just a few of the most famous names in the industry that make these aspects the cornerstones of their products. Clearly, in order to guarantee manufacturing that fully respects the environment, considerable technologies and resources must be used, in addition to the highest quality materials that ensure remarkable durability over time. It is the durability of materials/furnishings over time that best interprets the concept of sustainability. Let’s see how these companies are reacting and what approaches they have adopted to deal with the ever important issues of respecting the environment and sustainability.

Innovative (and not) materials for the sake of sustainability

The industry’s leading companies all implement strong sustainable ethics by using raw materials with low environmental impact and by patenting new materials that increasingly respect the planet’s resources. Flexform is one of these, as all the materials it uses are chosen according to the highest quality standards and the most meticulous sustainability criteria regarding the environment. A shining example is that of the goose down used as filling material for products which, thanks to certification obtained by Assopiuma, guarantees respect for the environment, processes and most importantly the animals. Indeed it is cruelty-free goose down, meaning that it has been obtained from animals that are no longer alive, an aspect that is unfortunately not taken for granted and too often underestimated.

Exteta, a company known internationally, which makes beauty its most important quality, also employs the highest quality materials, exceptional know-how and experience gained in the field of Interior Design to operate for the sake of sustainability. The materials it uses always respect the cycles of nature and reflect the company’s primary objective of presenting new articles that can exist in total harmony with the resources our planet offers. With Exteta products, nature is a strong element that emerges in the constructive details of its furnishings, making them unique both for the compositions offered and the emotions they convey. Committed to constantly searching for innovative materials that can be entirely recycled, it now presents a brand new material: Vegan Nubuck. Vegan Nubuck is an excellent alternative to animal leather and is obtained from recycled sources; it is therefore a cruelty-free, natural and completely recyclable product. When touched, it is almost identical to natural leather but with the advantage of being particularly resistant to colour variations caused by UV rays. During processing, Vegan Nubuck undergoes treatments that also make it water-repellent, but most importantly it can also be used in outdoor furnishings.

Let’s now turn to Paola Lenti, another leading company in the industry, which has always been very attentive to issues related to environmental sustainability and recycling, so much so that over time it has introduced—and continues to do so—in its collections completely new materials that are internally patented. An example is the Hi-Tech Yarn for carpets, exclusive yarns that guarantee high performance levels in outdoor settings, as they are very resistant to the elements and sunlight, as well as sea water. Long-lasting and easy to care for, rugs made with these yarns are a valid alternative to even the most common rugs for indoor areas, also owing to the infinite combinations of colours available. Technological materials and craftsmanship are the distinguishing features of this company which has been offering the most original and colourful furnishings on the market since the beginning of the millennium. One of the materials that Paola Lenti has most recently patented and used is Diade, introduced in 2018, completely recyclable and designed to be disposed of in all its parts. This material also features another exclusive yarn which goes by the name of Twiggy; it represents a starting point for contemplating the future in more eco-sustainable and respectful terms with regard to humanity and the environment. Twiggy is an exclusive yarn, recyclable, resistant to adverse weather conditions and is easily laundered.

Product longevity as an objective of sustainable furnishings

Product durability is undoubtedly another very important and decisive factor in terms of sustainability, a key value that Flexform, as well as others, uphold. Its products are designed and manufactured with materials made to last over time and which serve to prevent unnecessary waste and significant CO₂ emissions due to transport and disposal. As the company itself maintains, “That which is long-lasting does not waste and does not pollute“. Then we have once more Paola Lenti, ever attentive to issues related to environmental sustainability and recycling, so much so that all the proposed furnishings and accessories are designed and manufactured to last as long as possible preventing waste and unnecessary replacements. These aspects can only lead us to deduce that the company philosophy is to live surrounded by nature and in total respect of it. Durability has become its mantra and the idea that disposable is unethical is now consolidated, as that which lasts over time allows us to amortize energy consumption. Not to be outdone on this theme, and owing to the extreme quality of its products, Exteta offers furnishings that can last “for eternity” not unlike the beauty that distinguishes them. An internationally renowned company, Exteta is in constant development and is relentless in its pursuit of materials that combine refinement and resistance making their furnishings unique and timeless pieces.

Looking at the future

Protecting and preserving the resources that our planet has always been able to provide and guarantee us is of the utmost importance. All the more so now, in this historical moment, where the sad certainty has emerged that the resources available to us are running out. The companies are perfectly aware of this concept and as difficult as it is to guarantee the most sustainable manufacturing possible, they are investing large amounts of capital and resources so that the impact on the environment is more respectful and causes the least possible harm. We therefore hope that this is not only a current trend but the foundations for a greener future, in all senses.



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