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The essentials: 5 Design lamps Made in Italy that have made history

Everyone knows that Made in Italy design is esteemed and appreciated over the world for its quality and incomparable beauty so much so as to become an example to be exported as innovative and trendy furnishings. The lamps that have followed in succession over the years are exemplary and still manage to rule the market despite competition from new technologies and production materials. Let’s see which icons have managed to interpret these concepts to the fullest, making history with the intention of making it for eternity.

Arco by Flos

Created in 1962 by the two brilliant minds of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Arco is the lamp that more than any other has remained impressed in the collective imagination, becoming the undisputed icon of Made in Italy design in the world. Manufactured by Flos, the Arco lamp has endured the passage of time and is able to compete with the most recent and innovative lighting systems, using some of the most modern light sources available. The lamp features a solid marble base which moves easily despite its weight owing to a through-hole that lets you insert a rod and pull it with ease. There is a telescopic stem fixed to the base in satin-finish steel whose length can be adjusted to fit any need or environment. At the apex of this stem we find a beautiful swivelling chrome metal reflector. Its visual composition is as simple as it is incredibly contemporary which makes it the perfect object for any type of situation. An iconic lamp destined to remain on the market forever, the Arco is an absolute must-have for all design lovers.

Falkland by Artemide

Designed by Bruno Munari in 1964, Falkland is yet another lamp that has managed to survive the passing of years making history in Italian design and that of Artemide, its manufacturer. This lamp has an extremely poetic and evocative appearance owing to the soft light it gives off in interiors and a harmonious shape produced by a sequence of metal rings and an outer fabric covering. To create this lamp, designer Bruno Munari took inspiration from various aspects and areas of interest. Only after careful and scrupulous observation can we find visual references to typical Oriental lanterns, fishing pots and even women’s hose. It has been said that the first prototype of this lamp came out of a hosiery factory. An innovative project at the time using materials that had never been put together previously and an innovative project even today owing to its aesthetic sense and intrinsic meaning.

Caboche by Foscarini

Despite having been designed in 2005 by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto for Foscarini, this fantastic lamp has already entered by right the tight circle of design icons. Thanks to its indisputable beauty, Caboche has captured the hearts of many enthusiasts (and not) becoming one of Foscarini’s top sellers. Caboche appears as nothing less than a precious jewel to be worn, consisting of countless polymethylmethacrylate spheres. When light passes through making them shine, it illuminates the environment at 360 degrees. A lamp that unites technology and beauty owing to the solutions of recent years that have allowed LED lighting to be introduced, guaranteeing lighting effects that were obtained with the original light source. If you are looking for a showpiece for your living room or kitchen, look no further: Caboche is for you.

Parentesi by Flos

Known and appreciated the world over, Parentesi is a lamp created to be an example of essentiality and abstraction where what emerges is a strong idea of ​​minimalism and simplicity that leaves the beholder speechless. Designed in 1971 by Achille Castiglioni & Pio Manzù, it is still a flagship product for Flos, which has recently adapted it into a LED as well as a dimmable version to stay even more abreast of the times. Parentesi has the particularity of being a ceiling-to-floor lamp owing to a steel tube that slides vertically on a metal cable that allows the light source to move and illuminate where needed. This is the perfect lamp for any type of setting as the steel cable can be extended up to 4 metres in height. If you are a design lover, this is an icon you cannot live without.

Tizio by Artemide

Another lamp that has become a Made in Italy design icon is undoubtedly the Tizio from Artemide. Even today, this table lamp Richard Sapper designed in1972 can be found in many homes and on countless desks in offices around the world. The aesthetic appearance reveals its strong technical character, both for the use of materials such as painted aluminium as well as for its construction; Tizio is in fact composed of two arms and a head that can be oriented to illuminate specific areas while remaining balanced with counterweights. A simple appearance conceals the great rigour and design of the lamp which placed the company name in the spotlight—and continues to do so—making it universally recognizable. Available in 3 different finishes: white, black and grey, Tizio is a lamp able to fit into any room, going almost unnoticed thanks to its visual lightness but also extremely useful and effective when used on a work surface.

Light is the means through which things around us come to life revealing spaces and shapes otherwise impossible to appreciate. For this reason, it has always been important for designers and architects to develop increasingly more unusual and innovative forms and materials to accompany light sources in environments, obtaining true masterpieces appreciated everywhere. Icons such as these convey a strong sense of well-being to those who decide to buy and place them in their homes because we all enjoy being surrounded by beauty.



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