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TM Italia

Made in Italy high craftsmanship meets innovation and technological research creating excellence: this is the beginning of any kitchen by TM Italia.

From over fifty years TM Italia’s kitchens are made with the finest materials by capable


craftmen with the more advanced technologies.
Every TM Italia’s kitchen is a masterpiece, the result of a combination between a large range of materials, structures, finishes and electrical appliances.
Whole products are the outcome of more than thirteen years of technological research.


An ergonomic concept.
The doors’overhang and sloping edges make for easy-to-use compositions.


T45 is a modular kitchen system. Doors and drawers can be 22 mm or 28 mm thick, with one mitred edge overhanging from the carcase that allows it to open. The other edges are straight. Wall units from this concept open through a profile handle mounted on the carcase’s bottom.


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